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  • What if it doesn’t work? Yesterday,I started a blog on,purchased my domain, etc… THEN realized I wanted more options. I used hostgator and all seemed well… until the actual set-up. So I changed the nameservers from to the hostgator ns.

    And it says I need to wait 72 hours. Which would be fine, except I am now wondering if it is more prudent to just cancel the whole thing and start from scratch. I am within my 2 days from purchase, so I could just ”cancel and refund” and start fresh.

    I am worried about having to pay for the domain name again, or a new one, if changing the nameservers doesn’t work, or work the way I expect it to.

    Any suggestions?

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  • oops… probably the url would be helpful:

    You will need to contact with your host to see if the nameserver’s been changed or not.

    You can use this website to check if your nameservers have been already updated:

    I decided not to risk it and cancelled the day, since it had been 24 hours with nothing good happening…

    However, after repeated attempts and emails from wordpress requesting I return my domain name to the wordpress nameserver, upgrade requests, etc. where I have REPEATEDLY stated I have cancelled this, AND repeatedly pressing the ”cancel and refund” link… NOT ONLY has my domain name NOT been cancelled, NOT ONLY has my money NOT been refunded… I am STILL GETTING UPGRADE REQUESTS. And to add insult to injury, I received a notice saying it was now TOO LATE to cancel, in any case.

    There is no contact phone number. Is this the way WordPress does business?

    Oh… and even if I wanted to limp through the already painful process of completing the DNS mapping… I can’t access the account to do that. SO… not cancelled, but not active, either….

    Is this on or self hosted wordpress.
    this is self hosted wordpress forum

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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