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  • Hi everybody,

    A colleague of mine put together a great article about 7 security plugins for WordPress which I wanted to share. I use almost all of these on my self-hosted WordPress site.

    [link moderated]

    Any suggestions on other beneficial WordPress security plugins?


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  • @evanw – Please describe those plugins here if you would like a discussion.


    Skeleton Key – Lets Admins log in as non-admin users with the admin password.

    User Locker – Blocks multiple failed logon attempts.

    Capability Manager – One of my favorites, lets you modify current user roles and create new ones. I started using this because Contributors didn’t have access to the photo upload.

    WP Security Scan – Multiple security features. I liked this because it shows your current installation folder permissions (and most of mine needed to be adjusted). Also blocks things like your WordPress version.

    Audit Trail – Great for multi-user blogs, can record all kinds of information. If something ever goes missing or gets broken, this is a good way to track down the source.

    Bad Behavior – Another method of blocking malicious users/bots. I was getting crazy amounts of spam (even with Akismet) and this stopped almost all of it.

    Akismet – The spam blocker we’re probably all quite familiar with.

    Anyone have other suggestions?

    I just noticed, [Spam link moderated]? Really?

    The forums are not meant to be links to outside blogs.

    Thanks for detailing those plugins–hopefully others will make some additional recommendations.

    I understand, I just think it’s odd (and carries an incredibly negative connotation) to declare the link Spam. If the link was regulated because it can’t go to an outside blog, I’d much prefer it to be identified as such.

    Changed to [link moderated]

    Thanks 🙂 It’s just semantics I suppose, but I deal with so much spam I’d hate to be added to that pile.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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