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  • For me the installation took much longer than the “5 minutes” touted in the directions. For days, I tried every recommended solution for the installation problems 2 or 3 times. I went back and forth from the WordPress Forum to my webhost’s forum. The more time I spent, the more determined I was to succeed. I needed to know I was not so technically ignorant that I couldn’t succeed at a 5-minute installation of a simple script. My solution finally came in trying things that none of the kind technical advisors here or at Lunar Pages, my webhost thought of. Maybe it was just too sort of simple for technical people to think of like trying to tell someone how to tie their shoes, you just assume everyone knows how. Anyway installation finally succeeded when I moved the WordPress files I had uploaded into a folder that my web host calls, “Public html.? Once done, the”5-minute ? WordPress installation took 2 minutes. Hope this helps someone else with the process.

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  • I am so sorry to hear that!
    What public_html for you is htdocs for me, and www for some others . Glad to hear that your blog is up and running now.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sure that it will help someone. I had no trouble with WP install (knock on wood) and have really had no issues, but then, I got LaughingLizard’s Pictorialis, and I nearly drove the 3500 miles to Toledo to grab him and take him back here to my house to install it. I could NOT get that damn thing to work.
    Then, I ran into him on IRC…we walked thru it, and in five minutes it was up and running. It’s just one of those things that happens sometimes. 🙂

    This is really an issue with your host, not with WordPress. They should have told you when you first signed up which directory your files needed to go into. At least we all know to avoid Lunar Pages now. 🙂

    You get what you pay for. I’m really not unhappy with lunar pages at all. Quite the contrary. They’re very very reliable, I get lots of space and bandwith for a very low price. The problem really is that I just don’t know a lot of basics. I should have signed up with a host that provided more handholding for tech idiots, but I wanted to learn. So I did. And I’m quite pleased with how easy the interface is in WordPress AFTER it got it installed.

    I will be ensuring that this thread is examined by the docs team and we will address this as best we can in future documentation efforts.


    I just signed up for lunar, without reading this, and I think lunar is trying to make it easier – they have an auto installation routine which istalls and sets up WordPress as one of its options. I tried it and it is still not working for me, but I think it is a problem with my domain name (too new and not yet propogated) rather than a problem with lunar.


    I just got help from Lunar – they are pretty helpful. Unfortunately with the package I am paying for, I don’t get a dedicated IP address (would be 2.50 per month extra), and according to the lunar support email the temporary URL that they provide with new accounts will not work with suPHP servers like
    I am hosted on. So that I did not need to wait until the domain name has propagated lunar suggested that I request a temporary subdomain off of lunarpages (in the form for php pages to function. I have done this.



    Well in fairness when the install docs refer to *installs* and uploading stuff they do kind of presume at least a rudimentary knowledge of the htt protocol. Like it needs to go in a public directory. But accessibility is about eliminating any possibility of human error. Thanks for sharing what must have been a difficult time with us and welcome to WordPress.

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