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  • hendrikv


    Hello everybody,

    This plugin has major drawbacks that makes this plugin more like a gimmick then a real tool for collecting feedback. Let’s have these drawbacks listed :

    1) No feedback on the actual number of voters. You only get the sum of the votes. If 100 people vote +1 and 100 people vote -1 you get a 0 beside the idea. But you don’t know that actually 200 people expressed a vote. The plugin should make a difference between the general appreciation based on all votes and the acual number of voters. In my example there should be stated : [Appreciation = 0 | Voters = 200 ]

    2) Voters can only vote +1 or -1. Much more interessting would be to let the voter chose between +2, +1, 0, -1, -2. This way it would be possible to express a more intelligent vote that matches more the opinion of every voter. For now its really to rudimentary.

    3) Voters can’t leave remarcs. They can’t explain there vote. If you realy want feedback it’s just not enough that people can vote but allso important that people can explain their vote.

    4) It’s not possible to debate on the proposal submitted.

    5) No option to asks questions to the author of the idea.

    6) New idea’s automatically are listed below the list. Not really a problem when you have just a few ideas but when you have a longer list (10 ideas or more) then it becomes a real problem because new ideas will get burried under all the previous idea’s and will not get any proper exposure. It would be better to put new idea’s automatically on top combined with an option for the visitor to change the ranking to most appreciated, most voted and back to most recent idea.

    Final question: do you agree that this are major drawbacks? Or does anybody on this forum knows how to elude or resolve this drawbacks? Posts your comments below. Thanks!

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  • Plugin Author Nick Haskins


    If you feel that they are drawbacks, why not contribute to the plugin to fix them?

    We spend a lot of our time providing WordPress users with free plugins, and even more time tending to the support forum to help with any issues. Please remember that you are under no obligation to user the plugin, and is completely free for use.

    Thread Starter hendrikv


    Hello Nick,

    It seems you feel offended. But that was off course not my purpose. My apologies if you feel it otherwise. I have no programming skills but I’m available for testing functions and suggesting new ideas. That was my main purpose : suggesting ideas and new functions to make this a better plugin and also to know if anybody knew some workarounds . And I consider testing, thinking and posting about the functions, malfunctions, usability and proposing new ideas for this plugin as my contribution. 😉 As you know all these processes do also take time and can be as valuable as the hardcore development work itself.

    I suppose you made this plugin for free to make promotion for your paid plugins and themes (which I recently checked out on your website). But maybe you can consider to make a PRO and paid version of this plugin with more and better functionality?

    With all my respect for the development work and support already put in this free plugin.

    Have a nice day!

    Ps : But what do you think about my 6 suggestions posted earlier? Do you agree that they would make them a better plugin?

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