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    It seems 6.0.15 breaks menus in firefox (on Mac OS) and Edge (on Windows). No obvious errors thrown in JS console. Are you aware of this and working on a fix?

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  • BTW, anyone using 6.0.15, if you’re logged into WP dashboard as Admin and you “Visit Site” , the internal links will appear to work fine. You have to logout and then you’ll see the problem reported in this thread. I have not tested the issue with the other WP user roles.

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    Please update if you haven’t already to 6.0.16, and let me know if you have any broken links.


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    This seems to be a feature, not a bug. 🙂
    Links fail if your browser is set to allow tracking.
    If you block tracking in the browser settings, AS YOU SHOULD, I might add, then links are working just fine. The browser blocks tracking and the problem with it.

    This is kinda funny.

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    No. Not funny! Breaking a lot of sites with an update is neither funny nor professional!

    Looks like 6.0.16 resolved this issue.Thanks!

    @bishless Sounds like the tracking functionality is cached. Try clearing your cache, it worked for me, even when viewing the website in Incognito and not logged in.

    @chriscct7 Thanks for the update. Looks like it resolved the issue.

    6.0.16 fixes the links.

    It has, and now I need to go and reset 60 sites to track outgoing links..


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    There has been a new release.

    I noticed this bug as well on my sites. All frontend links stopped working except when logged in.

    Ah sorry @chriscct7, I didn’t notice your comment. The new version fixed it.

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