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    It seems 6.0.15 breaks menus in firefox (on Mac OS) and Edge (on Windows). No obvious errors thrown in JS console. Are you aware of this and working on a fix?

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  • FYI: related specifically to “Track outbound clicks and download links?” setting. When set to “NO” it works.

    Wow, that fixed the issue for me. Is this being addressed?

    Same here. WordPress 4.7.3 on 2 sites are broken. As @tlindner stated setting Tracked outbound to NO seems to resolve the issue.

    Would great if we can get an ETA on a fix. Thanks

    I can confirm this bug is happening in Chrome and Safari as well.

    I also had to flip the switch mentioned above, but was freaking out for a while. This is a showstopping bug.

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    I can also confirm that there is a bug. Presumably it is tracking the click without allowing it to execute. — turning on debug mode and watching the console allows you to see it tracking the click

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    @pframe seems to be on target. After clicking a page (and nothing happens) the page you clicked on actually loads if you press F5 to refresh.

    Disabling the plugin or setting to NO as stated above has temp solved it for me.
    I have to consider removing this plugin from about 60 sites that I manage. I hope removing it does not break anything.

    Too many issues and updates.

    I also notice that the deprecated PHP version of that setting doesn’t have the problem. Just the javascript.

    I have 87 sites using this plugin.. and changing the setting on all of them temporarily sounds like a huge pain, can we get a fix out for this soon so I can just push updates out?

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    Confirmed in Chrome and Firefox on MacOS- I discovered this as I was working through around 64 sites that had lost connection to Google analytics following the previous update.

    The big red box urging to switch to JS tracking didn’t help, I’d done that on all the sites I reonnected.

    I’d reconnected half my sites and was testing in Chrome to see that GA was registering hits while updating (with infiniteWP) them all to the latest version.

    Suddenly no menus working.

    I spent two hours trying to find the conflict on the site before realising they were all affected and am still working back from the start switching off the track outgoing links with JS setting.

    This has cost me dear and I was on the brink of upgrading to pro, now I’m seriously looking for an easier, cheaper solution.

    Lost all stats since 20th Feb, and lost a day fixing something that shouldn’t have broken.

    I’m also unhappy about how the dropdown search for GA profile fails to allow selection *most* of the time – looking up the UA code to search for the profile, instead of the site url is another time consuming task I didn’t expect.

    Confirmed in Chrome and Firefox as well – had to revert to 6.0.14 in case other issue are present in 6.0.15 release.

    @idealocity22 6.0.14 has a bug where links that do JavaScript & should be inactive, become active. Such as image viewers or pop-over dialogs. Might be better to revert to an even earlier version, or another plugin.

    It seems that turning off tracking only works for logged in users.

    If I have the plugin activated, but tracking turned off… open a new Incognito window and try to browse around, it fails to navigate.

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    Confirming this on my sites, too.

    @robrecord thanks for the info about 6.0.14 bug

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