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  • for the readers its certainly better to get the bigger fonts and the with background…your foliga design was great, impressive and really something to show. you did well with this update, all of your work is great, a great inspire to me and many ppl more out there.

    in a few days, i think in a few hours we can see a nearly finished and updatet version of your design and i will actualize every single minute to see the difference 🙂

    as fan of your work and the foliage mod i have to ask the question you certainly don´t want to answer now, but, will you send your foliage mod to the wordpress2 competition and
    is this new work also something you will share with the community?

    good luck with updating and you got a new reader with me on your page. you have a really good feeling for colours and displaying…greetz and go for it, it will rock anyways !

    thanks for the feedback.

    the foliage mode will be made available as a public distribution. i’ll have to adjust a few things to make it a little more universal but i was planning on making a image and image free version available for download alongside the original foliage theme.



    Hi, I am one of those noobs that can’t seem to figure out how to get your awesome theme to work for me.

    I don’t know exactly what to replace line 6 and 36 with. I know where… the 2 and 4, but what exactly do I replace it with?

    Is it the name of the category? Some code?… can you please help?

    I looked on your site for the answers, but still didn’t help.

    Those numbers are category ID’s. When you login to your WordPress install and go to manage categories, you’ll see numbers next to each category title. I think you can pick it up from there…

    I might actually like this theme if it looked even remotely like it looks on your site.

    The theme is completely different from what I have on my own site. What I have running is not a “theme” as I do not have plans to release.

    The colors are nice, but there is too much on the page. Make the content, but make it more easily accesible. Perhaps a little AJAX menu in the mix?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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