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  • In admin, two sets of grandchildren categories whose descendants extend three further levels (to the 5th level in total) are missing from editing capability, even tho they appear elsewhere in admin. For example, I can see those two categories and their descendants when playing around with “add category.” Further example, I get error the categories already exist when I try re-adding them. Why a problem: I want to edit one of these family members into a different parent category. If this 5-level depth is the bug, I can adjust hierarchy, tho I need a way to edit. Namely, the two problematic categories are entirely missing from editing, as already stated. All categories publicly display on my blog. For example, on the public home page, I can search by the two categories or their descendants.

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  • If it matters, the 5th level counts down from the parent, so it’s technically at the 6th level depth. Look forward to guidance.

    I am also having a similar problem, but it is with the 3rd level and some show up while other do not, this is the forth post I have read with this problem none of which has a solution so far. Is this one of those “so simple we all should know” the solution?

    Is this a non-problem? anyone?

    I having this same problem and not only that all of my tags disappeared






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    I vaguely recall having a bug open for something like this, where a 3rd level category would not show up, even though 4th and 2nd would. I think it was partially fixed but closed as an edge case. You could probably search the trac for it.

    Are you saying all 5/6th level categories or just certain ones?..

    I don’t have this problem when creating categories (i just made some as a test)…

    I can create more (for testing sake) if this only happens when there are increased amounts of particular level categories..

    Regarding the problem in general, if people don’t answer it’s not because it’s something obvious, but likely because they hav’nt had the particular problem or don’t use categories in the same manner.. i’m one of those people, but i don’t mind creating some categories to test … it’ll only take me 5 minutes after all.. 🙂

    Also as a side query, have you tried replicating the problem or a fresh install? I’m not talking about wiping out your site, install it locally or in a sub-directory… try and re-create the problem. If you can’t re-create it then you need to look at what differs on the problem install.. apart from the obvious fact it has more content of course..

    This issue still exists in 2.8.6! I’m finding it a nightmare. My script echos all information about newly created sub categories but when refreshing the categories admin page they do not show.

    It’s very random which leads me to believe its an issue with taxonomy ID’s. Some sub cats show, some don’t.

    What would make the admin only show certain subcategories on level 2 ?

    I reckon its a missalightment with ID’s and so on. Not a WP pro I’m just trying to put it into terms from the way it looks when I’m debugging. Sometimes its like a sub category is created but shows much later also.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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