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    First, read everything.
    Downloaded WP, unzipped, added database info, including name password etc, uploaded to Went to via IE and nothing happened. How do you get this to work? My database is empty in myphpadmin. Do I need put a table there, or how does all this get extracted to work? Thanks in advance. I even execuited files in my FTP cleint and still can’t see any WP. Thanks.

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    EI says: “Page can’t be found.” But page is there. And confirmed there. Do all files need come out of their folders, or leave as extracted?

    I did make the change to the wp-config.php file as instructions indicated. And did nothing else.

    No the files must be in their subfolders as extracted.

    If you continue this thread please provide a URL to see the problem.

    Also review Installing WordPress

    I extracted on home computer, then uploaded all files as they were? Is that what I was suppose to do? I even tried to unzip wordpresszip on server but couldn’t find a way to do that. There’s something missing in the instructions or I’m missing something?

    Folder: wp-admin
    Folder: wp-admin
    Folder: wp-includes
    File: index.php
    File: license.txt

    Does you host meet requirements? Who is your host?

    If you put the one line script from Finding_Server_Info in your web-root folder can you browse to it. By the way, having a mixed case folder like WPRESS is a real PAIN.

    network solutions is host. Perhaps I need change localhost to something else in wp-config. What is a mixed case folder?
    Should I just eliminate folders? Take all files out of folders so that all files are there without folders?

    I uploaded script file testinfo.php in the root directory, but IE can’t find file. Looks like I’m striking out. I’m up to nearly 8 hours fooling with this and even watched video at how to do this. This is not easy.

    Did you file a ticket with network solutions? Any reliable host should help you with a wordpress install.

    What neodan said makes sense. In addition, it looks like you need to identify the web-root folder. I forget what network solutions uses for web-root but it might be htdocs so that testinfo.php would need to be in there. And that’s where wordpress would also belong.

    I tried loading WP through Netsols feature but it froze up the reason I’m here. Currently, I have an open trouble ticket with them and supposedly their engineers are looking into it. I’ll put files under htdocs and give it a whirl. tks.

    Well it’s liekly going to be the same folder that holds the index.html (or index.php) that’s displaying that bidjet page.

    That is where it is, plus it’s under htdocs too. I checked the script with above link and it’s correct. NS is not letting me see file via IE. Perhaps they won’t allow script to be read or it requires some other type of script to produce the results we’re looking for.

    You need to use FTP to look at those files and to upload to your host.

    See Using FileZilla and Uploading WordPress to a remote host.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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