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55 people to 15 say W3 total Cache it's broken! (11 posts)

  1. Gato De Lenevis
    Posted 3 years ago #

    55 people to 15 say W3 total Cache it's broken, and now?

    1 - What'is the future to this plugin?
    2 - Is planned a new version that really work?
    3 - The author of this plugin has the knowledge to maintain this project?

    Regards :)


  2. Miz.Michele
    Posted 3 years ago #

    You know I just had to give me 2 cents on this. Truly it's a great plug-in. Thanks in part to this plugin and the knowledge he offers, I have been able to improve my sites performance and try to grow my business'.

    It is truly hard for developers to roll out something that won't have some glitches - there are so many different variables that it would take me hours to detail them. (it's like that in any business especially technology)

    The author is super knowledgeable. I can tell you that he personally went into my site a year ago (and didn't charge me either) when there was an issue, and I was just starting out, and he doesn't know me from a hole in the wall. (and there have been others who have done this too for me probably because they know I am truly appreciative of their efforts)

    He knows what he is doing.

    I do have a suggestion - when an update comes out for a critical plug-in, maybe don't rush to update right away. I've been guilty of this myself and I had problems this time too (and probably shouldn't have jumped to update but since my other sites were OK I thought I'd be fine) so I just rolled back to a previous version, provide feedback about what issues I had so they have the information they need to troubleshoot and once it is all ironed out, I will try it again.

    I, for one, am truly grateful for all the work these guys (and gals) do for all us and give away for free. As someone who is out of work and trying to make it blogging, I've been able to start a number of websites for very little $'s.

    Maybe you didn't really mean anything with your comment but I just get sick and tired of seeing people complain and not offering up any feedback so the developer can be armed with info needed to fix the issue.

    Last point - the 55 to 15 might not be accurate since people with issues tend to be more vocal than those who don't have any.

  3. mbrsolution
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi I agree with @Miz.Michele views and opinion. I also would like to thank Frederick Townes for providing us with such a great plugin and for FREE.

    I have mentioned this in the past in other plugins support pages. Most of us praise the developers of FREE plugins and FREE themes. We mostly try and support each other with the exception of a few people who might criticize the developers and the functionality of the plugins. However I also believe that everyone is entitle to their opinion which helps all of us understand one another.

    I myself praise all plugin and theme developers including and most important WordPress. I thank them for giving us what I now use in almost all my blogs and websites. They also provide freedom and usability combined with support and kindness. I cannot thank you, "developers" enough for what I have been able to accomplish in all my time using the most widely used CMS platform, "WordPress".

    In regards to the,

    55 people to 15 say W3 total Cache it's broken
    . Unfortunately that figure says nothing much except that 55 people have reported the current version to be broken and that 14 have reported the current version to be working. There has been 1,673,755 downloads up to today. How many of these downloads would you say they have a current version running? How many have a previous version running? How many have uninstalled the plugin? So the above mentioned figure only states exactly what I said above.

    Keep up the enormous work you put into this great FREE plugin Frederick Townes, that I will support you as much as I can with comments and support here in the forum.

    Kind regards

  4. acp73
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I realy appreciate all the work Frederick (and other developers) put into plugins and I don't mean any disrespect by not updating or rolling back to earlier versions if I come across problems. If I was more technical and had more development skills I'd have taken more chances with updates, but unfortunately I can not afford to - takes me long enough just to configure the plugins and fill in fields I don't even understand :)
    All I can say is that this is a truely awesome plugin with A LOT of amazing skill behind it and I do appreciate the ahrd work that goes into it!

  5. Gato De Lenevis
    Posted 3 years ago #

    After only one day the total is 68 people to 16 say W3 Total Cache it's broken ... +13 people in one only day!

    This data in referred only to version that have donloaded by 2.8% of total 1,685,975 download ...

    2.8% of 1,685,975 = 47207.3

    68% of people to 16% say W3 Total Cache it's broken!

    68% of 47207.3 = 32100.964!


  6. Keating
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Yes it's broken for most, but you can either a) uninstall it, or b) wind back to an earlier version which is not broken.

    My site has been messed up for a week now, I cannot wait for Frederick to fix it, but as it's free to use I am not complaining. My other 2 sites using it are fine.

  7. I had a fair amount of problems upgrading it myself, the process really should have been a lot smoother for a point release.

    Realistically, I think he should have upgraded the version more than a point release, because it's a major rewrite of large portions of the plugin. There is a fair amount of manual intervention required to upgrade, and some extra special confusion for Multisite users who had it activated on individual sites previously.

    For the best experience, I suggest removing the old version completely with a valid uninstall and clearing out any leftover files in the wp-content directory (if the uninstall doesn't get them), then installing the new version and configuring it as a fresh installation. Done this way, the plugin does indeed work and the "new install" process is much cleaner and easier to manage than trying to upgrade from an old version.

  8. steupz
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I think there are some issues with the plugin or there wouldn't be such an upheaval. But the plugin isn't armageddon, it uninstalls reasonably well and it's relatively simple to delete, manually, the 4 or so files which remain.
    I stuck with 9.2.5 on my main site because... it works? It works and I couldn't see an update improving it farther.
    I did however update a couple of my other sites and the install was smooth. I have no idea why it's giving other so much difficulty because I have never had a serious issue with this plugin.

  9. @steupz: It upgrades *really* badly on existing multisite systems. I highly suggest an uninstall and re-install in those cases.

  10. Miz.Michele
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Question - for those you that upgraded. You completely deleted old version first and installed new version?

    Some sites of mine were OK, some were not so I went back to old version.

  11. sleeplessinDC
    Posted 3 years ago #

    All--read this page about how to fix the update problem. It is a very simple fix but I am surprised that a revised version hasn't come out yet to handle the problem.

    You do not need to uninstall it--major problems are caused by that. See http://wordpress.org/support/topic/site-slowed-down-after-last-update-0928 (3rd entry)

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