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  • My website:
    Current website is made in 2012 using standard WordPress (no custom scripts), hosted on Hosting24, shared hosting plan.
    For 2 years everything was running OK, but resource usage skyrocket since October 2014: Entry Processes are unstoppable from rising and RISING, also Physical and Virtual Memory started rising suddenly since March 2015.

    Some screenshots from cPanel: resource usage rising in October, January, March.
    Website traffic have been constant since April 2014, averaging 800 visitors per day.

    What could be the CAUSE of rising resource usage and how I can SOLVE the problem?

    WP-Admin is skyrocketing resource usage, but even without logging in, the resource usage rose over past months, and stay high even during night when human traffic is almost zero.
    All pages load much slower when I am logged in than when I am not, since January if I open for editing or saving 2-3 posts at once, I hit the Entry Processes limit and next minutes “508 Resource Limit Is Reached” appears to me and also to innocent users. Currently opening a single page or clicking anything on wp-admin hits the resource limit.
    Soon I will no longer able to administrate and edit my website!

    – I have 4 WordPress installations under same domain, the bulk of traffic (90%) goes to one WordPress only.
    – I have a 5th WordPress installation for testing, do not get traffic at all, version 3.7.5 and not updated for one year, but logging and editing any of the 5 WordPresses hit resource limits. So apparently the problem is not in a specific WordPress.
    – I have updated all plugins every time new versions were available. I have NOT done any major change in scripts, plugins or themes, for more than 1 year.
    – I tried to delete and reinstall WordPress and all plugins, problem did not solved.
    – I tried in phpMyAdmin to repair and optimize table, did this every month, problem did not solved.
    – I get about 200 spam comments per day, 2x more than during 2014, but resource usage increased like 10x so cannot be explained by spam comments. Akismet block 99% of spam comments from appearing on site, but the spam bots still eat resources. I installed also a CAPTCHA that blocked 90% of spam comments from going in Akismet spam list, but it further increased resource usage, also some users reported getting incorrect CAPTCHA so had to disable it.
    – I noticed that having broken image links cause high CPU usage and Entry Processes when accessing the page with links to non-existent images, than when images are displayed (I discovered this accidentally when I used find/replace and broke URL of all images in one page). Broken external links do not cause problems, at least for my server. I installed a plugin Broken Link Checker and fixed all broken internal links, solving a cause of high resource usage, but resource usage is overall rising.
    – I suspected that hosting company is overselling the servers, or did something else to make our websites using more resources since October to encourage us upgrading to VPS, but their support said that the problem is not at their servers, and suggested to “contact developers of the scripts that I am using”.

    Don’t tell me that home page is too big, it was even bigger in the past and did not caused any problem. This massive amount of info and images help me to get audience and Facebook LIKES. I optimized images and created thumbnails, reducing page size from 30 MB to 8 MB in August 2014, while the resource usage started rising only 2 months later.
    Don’t tell me to upgrade to VPS, even if this may be a solution for moment, if the original cause of problem is not fixed, the resource usage will rise forever and some day even on a dedicated server I will hit the limits!

    Plugins in use:
    All in One SEO Pack
    PC Hide Pages
    Polldaddy Polls & Ratings
    Revision Control
    SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam (disabled because made things worse)
    Simple eCommerce
    Subscribe to Comments Reloaded
    WordPress Related Posts
    WP Display Header
    WP Super Cache

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  • Hello @teoalida,

    This is Reedyseth the author of Subscribe to Comments Reloaded. The plugin does not use resources of this type so you can be sure that the our plugin is not behaving like that.

    Just one question. Do you remember to install a plugin and then see a different behavior? or updating WordPress ?

    Also, can you connect with SSH to your host so that you can see with the TOP command which process is using the CPU? or in your CPanel can you see the processes using the CPU?

    I remember that the ONLY plugin where I saw a different behavior of resource usage was Broken Link Checker, but the spike lasted only as long the checking was done. I fixed links and deleted the plugin anyway.
    I have NOT done anything around 15 October or 1 March when entry processes and memory started to rise slowly to infinite.
    SSH is available on VPS only. On my shared host there is not possible to see which processes are running.



    Did you get a solution for this? I have the same issue. I don’t even get traffic on my website yet, but sometimes I get the following error message:

    Resource Limit Is Reached
    The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.

    I could suggest something very simple.

    Go ahead and disable all the plugins and start to enable one by one and see the behavior, if it is a plugin issue you will find it this way.

    Another suggestion.

    Download your WordPress site as well as a dump of your database(you can use phpmyadmin) and run the site locally, using WAMP, XAMMP, LAMP or any other Web Server that you might like. Once you are locally you can even enable the debug mode on the wp-config.php file.


    I did NOT solved the problem directly but I upgraded to VPS thus the problem is no longer causing downtime… and I forgot to reply there to help other users who have similar problems.

    First, I have told to my hosting company to reset my account. Resource usage was 0, but as soon I installed a blank WordPress, BEFORE installing any plugin or importing any content, the Entry Processes skyrocket, hit the limit and I was not able to upload any content, then after uploading images via FTP, the Entry Processes went down.

    By this way I figured out what is the CAUSE of problem:
    Entry Processes were rising since October 2014, which was the date when I started a long process of optimizing my website URL structure, reuploading images in custom-named folders and deleted them from /wp-content/uploads also renamed many images. Many images were already uploaded in custom-made folders since initial website creation 2 years ago, but I also optimized them and changed image file names.
    I was deleting all images that are no longer in use on MY website, without being aware that during last 2 years other websites may have hotlinked my images and deleting them from my server may have negative impact for me too. Now every time someone access the websites that hotlinked my images, they send a request to my server, and seems that WordPress use more resources when trying to find non-existing images than when the images were existing.
    As stated in the first post if this topic, I was already aware that having broken links to images in my server increase resource usage, but I was not aware that images were so much hotlinked and they get broken if I delete images from server.
    Physical and Virtual Memory were also rising since March 2015, but they went down once my hosting company reset my account and I reinstalled WordPress, I did not figured out what was the cause of problem.

    Theoretical (but impossible) solution: upload back every deleted image, or upload 1×1 pixel images on every URL that was hotlinked. But is impossible to remember the old URLs of hundreds of deleted images that I uploaded last 2 years. I deleted all website backups except the last one. Is there any way to monitor the URL requests?

    Indirect way that I solved the problem: I have upgraded to VPS, paying 3 times more money than on shared server. Obviously the deleted hotlinked images still have some impact on resource usage, but since VPS do not have a limit of Entry Processes, “508 Resource Limit Is Reached” never appear, website is just slowed down.
    In the future I will be more careful and I will NOT delete images if I am no longer using them.

    Now I wonder how deal with this problem the people who buy domain names that hosted a website in the past to build their own website, the URLs of the deleted website may increase resource usage like in my case.


    Looks like you did a wonderful analysis, thank you for sharing the root of your problem.

    I think that it might be a solution for this on the server side. Now that you have a VPS you might be able to work directly with your server (SSH) and install a tool to fix this, I am pretty sure that there is something already created for this kind of behavior.


    had a very similar problem. Thank you so much for your detailed post.

    The reason we had issues with our site was because of images that did not exist. The same exact reason that you had.

    You were spot on to say what you had said.

    One thing that you can do.. is goto your cPanel on your hosting.. then goto the logs, or errors.. and you will see the file paths that come up as an error on your site, and the referring site that is looking for them!

    I managed to find the root cause of the issue right away, and resolved it.

    It turned out that it was a widget on the homepage, that had a couple of images from a series of scrolling images that were missing.

    This meant every user who came onto the site could not view it and it was causing the “Entry Processes” to overload, eventually making the site go down.

    The images are extremely tiresome on the entry processes. For some reason. It turns out your server or hosting will spend a lot of its resource desperately trying to find these images for you. How sweet of it. But its not a good idea, because it makes the site go down 🙁

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