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  • Hi, I have been having this issue for months. I have tried everything: tested each plugin individually (which took hours), complained and filed several tickets with my host and Cloudlfare and nothing. Siteground has increased my memory to the max and I have latest WordPress 4.6.1, latest All In One 4.1.5. And I only have the basic settings enabled. (other than honeypot but that was made enabled Saturday and my problem started August 26th)

    Today I finally got Siteground to do a deep investigation and they see in the logs that the issue started a month ago, when I installed All In One WP Security. It is not an option for me to use another plugin as I like this one and am impressed with its features.

    Why am I getting these 504 errors when I save a page or post. I get it everyday, everytime and am tired of it.

    Please send me some suggestions.

    Thank you for your help.

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  • Plugin Contributor mbrsolution


    Hi, sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing with the plugin. Can you check the plugin log files and share with us what they say. That will help us further troubleshoot your issue.

    Can you disable all Firewall rules and carry out another test? If you don’t receive any more 504 Gateway errors then start enabling one by one the Firewall rules you had previously enabled. At the same time you enable one rule carry out another test. This will be one of the first step to take, to see if it works.

    Let me know how you go.


    Hi I disabled the Firewall and the Gateway errors still show up.

    I went to Plugin file and logs, and there is nothing there, both log files for the plugin are blank.

    Where else can these logs be?

    Plugin Contributor mbrsolution


    Hi, please read the following about your error.

    This usually means that the other server is down or not working properly. Resolution: The 504 Gateway Timeout error is usually a network error between servers on the Internet or an issue with an actual server, meaning the problem is not with your PC or Internet connection.

    I really can’t see anything in the plugins settings that would cause your error above.

    Ivan Stefanov


    SiteGround Representative

    @rejmark my name is Ivan Stefanov and I’m one of SiteGround Senior Support Supervisors. Could you please share with me the ticket ID, so we can check the issue on our end further.

    Thank you!

    Hello Ivan.

    Thank you for helping me. I am close to giving up.

    My first ticket was 1885033, the last ticket that said the problem was the plugin is 1919422

    This has been going on for a while. I already have disabled every plugin and tested for hours.

    Thank you so much everyone for trying to help me!

    Ivan Stefanov


    SiteGround Representative

    @rejmark I’ve updated your support ticket on your behalf and escalated it to the attention of our supervisors, where the case will be reviewed further and hopefully the culprit of the issue identified and resolved soon.

    Sorry to jump in @rejmark but I’m getting the same issue with my WP on Siteground. I don’t have the same plug-in as you but am trying to diagnose which culprit is causing the issue.
    Did you get a solution from Siteground?

    I have just submitted a ticket to Siteground but it has now caused even bigger problems. Urgh!!

    Hi @iv3rson76 I’m hoping you can help me because I’m not getting much help from the tech support team at Siteground.
    I submitted my ticket (1948252) and the support person responded fairly quickly with an increase in PHP memory setting and asking me to test the results. I was hoping for a bit more research on the problem first before changing a setting. The tech simply created a PHP.ini file with a few crude settings to increase memory settings.
    What this did though was tell my server that the IONcube PHP loader was no longer available.
    I use Memberium plugin which requires the IONcube PHP loader and has now disabled itself.
    I quickly responded to the ticket stating this and providing screenshots.
    No immediate response. So I jumped on to live chat to hopefully get through to the support team that my issue is now urgent as my membership site is now not function properly at all.
    I finally got a response again from the support telling me my site is indeed up and working and to test the 504 memory problems again.
    Problem still there. I removed the PHP.ini file that support created. Memberium still has the errors and is disabled. I updated the ticket within a couple of minutes of their last update stating to support that the server is still not working properly.
    I got back on to live chat and was told that the ticket is with support and I’d just have to wait.
    Why can’t I get a decent response from them.
    The support system at Siteground is not one of its strong points. Not happy.
    I need this server up as it is a live production site for our members.

    Ivan Stefanov


    SiteGround Representative

    @clemmo21 I will personally check and address the case. You should have results within the day – please refer to your support ticket.



    @clemmo21 Sorry for the delay, I was off the grid on vacation.

    I was very impressed with Siteground initiative, they jumped in and tweaked some things on the server that seemed to alleviate things. I have not thoroughly tested but last week was able to open and save several pages without the dreaded 504 gateway Errors.

    I will test much more this week and see, but from what I see it is better.

    I have been having this issue for months and already have tested with all plugins (except woocommerce) off and that made no difference. Siteground pointed to WP Security because of the date it was started and the issues started after that.

    Anyways, @iv3rson76 Thank you for helping me, I will post here after I test more.

    @clemmo21 I hope your issue gets resolved! 🙂

    Please i am also by siteground and i have the same problem and they dont manage to help me i have two magento websites there and i am getting every so often error 504 for about 2weeks


    I believe that your issue could be entirely different than what is discussed here. The WordPress forums will not be helpful for your Magento website issues.

    The best course of action would be to look for an answer in the appropriate Magento groups.

    My issue was resolved by Siteground. I have to say they have a fantastic support system, I have several sites hosted by other hosting companies and Siteground helps me the most. I don’t think it was related to the plugin at all. Siteground fixed my 504 errors, I disabled the plugin for a few months and now have it active again. No issues.

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