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    Good morning,

    I can’t connect my API mailchimp with my wordpress, what can i do to solve this problem?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I’m having the same problem. Suddenly seeing the 503 Service unavailable and not subscriber list is not getting updated from wordpress forms.
    I ran the curl command on the server “curl -v” modifying the US1 and Test with info from my MC key and the connection was successful. So doesnt seem like i was blocked by Akamai. Can someone respond to this ASAP?

    I am having the same issue too. Any help on this would be amazing as i’ve been speaking with mailchimp and my hosting provider but no luck at fixing it.

    I contacted with the mailchimp support team and they tried to fix it, but it was unsuccessful, only Mailchimp for WordPress can resolse this issue

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    Please note that our plugin simply connects with using the API you provided. We cannot resolve API issues as we don’t control them.

    Have you tried using the official plugin of and tested by adding the API if that also does not work, you could then be sure where the issue is.

    @ thismaterialgirl, can you share the details you saw after running the SSH command?

    I am having the same error. Bluehost troubleshooted it for over an hour last night. Nothing on their end. Looks like this plugin had an update 4 days ago and that’s when this thread was started. Did the update cause an error? Mailchimp also shows no error on their end.

    I would also like to point out that Akamai is NOT blocking my ip. So this is definitely an issue within the plugin itself. How do we resolve this error please? I’d like to have my Mailchimp plugin work again. Thanks!

    The IP Address did not receive a bad risk score.

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    Please note that this is not related to our plugin. It’s related to your web host’s IP address being blocked. It happens on shared hosting platforms if one of the users abuses MailChimp’s resources, they block the IP address of that website, and on shared hosting there are thousands of websites using the same IP.

    An issue like this usually resolves on its own and if it does not, you will need to change your web host or ask them to change your IP address.

    That said, I’ll state it again that this is not an issue that is caused by our plugin.

    If there are other MailChimp related plugins that work with their API, you can test this out to confirm.

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    I can confirm that the 503 error definitely means that the IP your hosting provider is using to connect to the MailChimp API is blocked by Akamai. This is not something we can help with.

    It does not mean that your own private IP is blocked, it may not even mean that your public hosting server IP is blocked, but it does mean that whatever IP your hosting provider uses for outbound cURL connections that are made by Apache/PHP is blocked. This is often an IP address that you share with multiple clients on your hosting server so it’s possible that another client did something to get the IP blocked, completely out of your control.

    There are some sites that show risk scores or spam scores for IP addresses, but I have not found a site that actually can confirm if an IP is on the Akamai blocklist or not, besides your own private IP and that’s not relevant in this case. If you have a way to confirm if an IP is listed in Akamai firewall I would be very much interested in that. Note that this is specifically about the Akamai firewall not about any other blocklist or risk score.

    To see what IP your host was using to connect to MailChimp API you can check your account settings API page, it will show the last 10 succesful API calls including their source IP.

    The only possible solutions for this error are:
    – Ask your webhost for a new hosting IP address.
    – Migrate to a new webhost if your hosting company is unwilling to fulfill your request.
    – Configure your server to connect to the MailChimp API server using a proxy.
    – Wait for the IP to not be blacklisted, this can take a random amount of time and really depends on how/why it got blacklisted in the first place

    Hope that helps. If you have any questions, please let us know!

    Same problem here since a few weeks.

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