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  1. avrom
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi all,

    I've asked this question in a number of places, and I'm not quite sure where the right place to ask it is. I hope this one is.

    When I use the "Plugin Editor" page of my Admin panel to try to edit akismet.php (this happens whether or not Akismet is currently enabled), I get a 503 error when I click "Update File," and the file doesn't get changed. It's not a truly general problem, because I can edit other plugins just fine. It's also not a glitch--I've tried this multiple times, over a couple of weeks now, always with the same result.

    This isn't like the 503 errors involving Akismet that I've been able to find posts about--this isn't a 503 error produced on one of my public blog pages; it actually happens in the Admin panel itself.


    Thanks much,

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