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  • Hi,

    For some time, has had formatting glitches (e.g., code appearing on the page and email icons leading to 404 errors). Recently trying to access the page itself often leads to a 503 or 504 error message. Additionally, trying to access always results in these messages (this page is only accessible to members so the problem is more easily observed on

    Troubleshooting mode suggests the error messages only occur on enabling both Email Encoder or User Profiles Made Easy. The pages appear accessible when only one of these is enabled at a given time (although User Profiles Made Easy is required for the page to appear normally, i.e., without sections appearing as code).

    In case it’s of use, the sections of code on the Indexers Available page are:
    [upme_search button_text=’Search’ combined_search_text=’Search by indexer name, subject specialties, location or additional services etc…’ role=indexers_available Status=ACTIVE operator=AND]
    [upme group=all group_meta=accredited role=indexers_available Status=ACTIVE width=2 view=compact users_per_page=70 show_stats=no show_random=’yes’ ]

    The sections of code on the Members Directory page are:
    [upme_search filters=display_name,billing_state,country button_text=’Search’ combined_search_text=’Search the directory’]
    [upme group=all view=compact orderby=billing_last_name orderby_custom=yes order=asc modal=yes show_stats=no hide_admins=yes role=’indexers_available,anzsi_member’ users_per_page=50]

    I’m wondering if there are any changes I can safely make to Email Encoder (or UPME) settings that would help solve this issue; or any other possible solutions.
    I use Windows 10, and Google Chrome. I’ve checked out the issue on Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox – Indexers Available appears to load more easily on these (but retains the formatting errors). However error messages come up for the Members Directory on every browser I’ve tried.

    Help would be appreciated.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Ironikus


    Hey @jenny975 – thank you for your detailed message, as well as for reaching out to us in the first place.
    I’m not quite sure why the issues appear since we only disguise email addresses.
    What you can try is to switch the current encoding method within the settings to HTML entities only.
    This will not provide the very best protection method available, but it’s already good for most purposes.
    IF this fixes your issue alternatively, I would like to ask if there are any errors or notices available within the debug.log of WordPress or within the console while calling these sites.
    If you tell me which versions you use, I will try to reproduce the issue from my end as well.
    Thanks already a lot.

    Thread Starter jenny975


    Thanks for the assistance!
    I switched to encoding HTML entities only and it’s fixed the formatting issues on the Indexers Available page (when I’m able to access it). However, the 503 and 504 messages remain.
    I set up debugging but the debug.log file is empty. The general error logs only show memory issues from 2019, so I don’t think they’re related.
    I use version 2.0.5 of Email Encoder, version 2.3.03 of UPME, and version 5.3.2 of WordPress. Let me know if you need more info.


    Plugin Author Ironikus


    Hey @jenny975 – thank you for your details and the tests.
    Since I would like to dive a bit deeper into this to find the issue, it’d be great if you can reach out to us using our website:
    This way, we can share screenshots and other details faster.
    After we are done, I will also update the solution to that within this thread.
    Thanks already a lot! 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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