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  • Hi there,

    I’m pretty new to wordpress, this is my second project using it so far and my first dealing with a dedicated server.

    Ever since we migrated to the dedicated server it’s been crashing periodically and throwing 502 gateway errors. The crashes seem unrelated to anything i am or am not doing at the time as some occurred while i was sleeping.

    I’ve had a look at the errorlogs on the server and i see many many cgi timeout errors, a sample:

    After being in touch with the server admins (who are superbly unhelpful and know nada about wordpress) the only advice i’ve gotten out of them is that the ram on the server is filling up and i should limit the amount of sessions allowed? i’ve googled and i have yet to find a way to do this, so any help would be greatly appreciated. But since they don’t know much, i’m not too sure that this is what is causing the issue.

    I have tried increasing the timeout settings in wp-db which did nothing. I tried deactivating w3totalcache, nothing.

    I have also been in touch with my thememaker, he suggest changing the stylesheet from a php to a regular .css stylesheet. I have yet to attempt this but i’m slightly reluctant to use this solution as it would mean sacrificing carefree themeupdates.

    A dev i know suggested a potential memory leak in the theme itself, which i hope isn’t the case as i’d have no idea how to determine wether or not this is the case.

    I would very much love any input from anyone about this as i am basically at a loss aside from the css option.


    if there is any additional information i have not supplied that could help, let me know and i will gladly supply it.

    with regards,


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  • update:

    after some digging i decided to do a very basic thing and have a look at this cgi wrapper these errors are on about and from what i can tell through logging in (with hidden folders showing) the folder ‘cgi wrapper’:


    does not exist on the server?

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