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  • I am using stock WordPress 3.7.1 (no plugins and fresh install), and hosted through Capnix (free host).

    On my 4s with WiFi OFF, I CANNOT view the site as normal. (502 Error)
    On my 4s with WiFi ON, I CAN view the site as normal.

    On my laptop and workstation, I CAN view the site as normal.

    I have tried other AT&T mobile devices using AT&T cellular data, and always receive the 502 Error. AT&T cannot figure this out, such as a blacklisted host. Capnix has yet to respond.

    I am posting here to see if this could be WordPress related. When 1 of my five sites had myBB installed instead of WP, I didn’t seem to have any issues, but I didn’t test it all that long, about 2 weeks.

    So I am thinking it might just be WP related. Any thoughts or experiences?

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