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  • Hi, I would really like to be able to use this plugin. I already have my wp-admin folder password protected by .htaccess, but this plugin seems to offer a whole lot more.

    This is my third attempt today, every time it seems to break my site. The last attempt I commented out the details in the htaccess file in wp-admin, as i suspected that was causing the “too may redirects” error I was seeing. No luck.

    I’m not sure I am setting it up correctly- I can’t select the radio options for BASIC or DIGEST, and I cannot choose between the three options of (is that) Hashing the password- the MD5, SHA1 and other options.
    It says my server won’t allow Digest, if that is important here.

    At the bottom in red it advises me that I need to activate the wp-admin or wp-login (I THINK) option to allow me to save the password. If I activate it, site is broken, but it won’t let me pick a password if it is not activated!?!.

    Additionally it complains that htpasswd3a (or whatever it is called) could not be created, which it was able to do during the install prechecks. I have deleted that file and tried again, without luck, also tried to make an empty one without luck. Tried to change to storage location to home/user/.htpasswds/.htpasswd3a without luck also.
    /user has 711 attributes
    /user/public_html is 755
    /user/.htpasswds is 750

    the fake blank file I made was 644.

    If anyone has a suggestion, I would love to hear it,
    Many thanks,


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  • Plugin Author askapache


    Good description and question, here’s what I’d suggest.

    1 Remove all askapache lines and/or .htaccess/.htpasswd files it created. Remove all the askapache plugin dirs and files in wp-content/plugins/

    2 Make sure your site has a php error log setup and verify doing an error_log(‘test’); writes to it.

    3 Install the newest version but don’t activate.

    4 Edit the plugin .php file and set the define for the debug.

    5 Clear browser cache. Restart browser.

    6 Activate plugin (newest version).

    7 Run diagnostics and paste output (obfuscate) or send it to me.. Include the error log lines.

    Unfortunately, it’s probably either a writable/ownership issue, or a non-standard server software.

    The next version will allow you to just output the htaccess code and let you paste it in manually,a lot of servers can’t use php to read/write those files .

    Plugin Author askapache


    There is also a SID in the plugin named rewrite loop to prevent redirect loops.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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