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  • I am trying to install a fresh worderpress 2.7 in godaddy server. It is just a fresh copy, downloaded and unzipped. I have uploaded it to the server through ftp and then trying to install that. But whenever i am calling through url it is giving an 500 Internal server error. After some googling I got some related problems solved by wp-cache. But i cant find any file like that in total folder. Can any one please help me!!!

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  • if you are on a windows server you will need to switch it to linux in your hosting control panel

    A 500 internal server error can mean a few things. It’s best if we take a look. What’s the domain name?

    you can find it on TEst Blog
    . We are using this domain for testing. It is a windows server. Is this a fixed problem, that wordpress cant be installed at any windows server?

    Is this a fixed problem, that wordpress cant be installed at any windows server?

    I understand wordpress runs fine on dedicated windows servers. It will not run well on the shared servers. This has been an ongoing thing with godaddy since I’ve been doing installs – like 3 years.
    Sometimes you can actually get it to install but then the problems start. Most times it won’t install at all.

    Well, the last update is that, we are able to install it through gtodaddy’s application installation. Godaddy gives 50 more apps for direct installation from ‘My Application’ tab.
    But the problem is not resolved yet. Why the direct install works? And why not from ftp.

    Thanks samboll. But can you please say what is the actual problem?

    just guessing but the servers are not properly configured as the install will work on most hosts

    We have been trying to get in touch with you to discuss this further. Please be on the lookout for an email from the GoDaddy hosting group.

    @ GDHosting
    can you make a definitive statement about the windows servers at GoDaddy?

    I just wanted to say, Although I am becomming more and more a “non-fan” of godaddy, I have been running WP for about 2 years on godaddy with windows hosting. it took a little tweaking, but it worked! I just upgraded to linux with godaddy and installed WPMU and it works great. am using shared hosting even. only draw back so far is am not able to automattically add new blogs thru MU with subdomains.

    I have been running WP for about 2 years on godaddy with windows hosting.

    was this on a shared server?
    and how much tweaking?

    @ samboll
    I’m interested to learn about your experience with Windows servers at GoDaddy. Any details you provide will help us out! Please email the information to

    Im having similar issues. After uploading the files via FTP, I get either the 500 error or I just cant see the files all together. It doesn’t make sence to me, as I should still be able to view the files when looking at folders through a webbrowser. Is there some sort of read-only settings that I need to change?

    Files which I create and folders that arnt associated to wordpress upload and also view fine. But the moment I add a filefolder from WordPress, the folder views as empty when I refresh the page in a browser??

    @ Nemiard
    I’d be happy to check it out. We’ll need approximate times that the 500 errors occur so that we can review the server logs. You’re welcome to send an email with the domain name and the any other details.

    I have a similar problem
    I have installed version 2.7.1 on godaddy.
    When I try to post a comment without being logged in, I get the 403 server error message i.e
    ” 403 – Forbidden: Access is denied.
    You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied”
    or the 500 server error message i.e
    ” 500 – Internal server error.
    There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed”.
    And the strange thing is I don’t get it the first time I post the comment without being logged in but I get it from the second time.

    I think this is a server authentication issue – I tried several things to fix this.
    1) I enabled anonymous authentication on the IIS settings on the godaddy hosting control center but that didn’t work.
    2) I tried the .htaccess file (which seemed to have resolved 403 errors in many cases)but in vain.
    3) I tried to fix it at the code level but couldn’t do it.

    could you give any suggestions as to what i can do to resolve this

    The url of my blog is

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