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  • I am setting up I installed wordpress through the host admin and was setting up plugins trying to see which I would need to to make the site how I wanted it

    I insa\talled oEmbed for BuddyPress and and I got an error that was something like ‘no header for this script’ try to go back to the site and got my first 500 internal server error I decided to do a fresh install

    This happened another 2 times both with different plugins sorry I ca not rememner the second 2 that did it I was up very late trying to get the site going.. All I remember is they where plugins for buddypress and media/video

    After the thrid time I came here and did a search and found that people who had had this problem solved it by

    a} deleting the pluginh though FTP I deleted the plugin but did not work so I deleted all the plugins
    b) deleting the .htaccess did this this did ot work

    What can I do to find out what is causing the problem to a. sort it now b. stop it happening in the future

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  • Thanks SwanstonPhotos I will post there as well but the buddypress plugin does not cause a problem it has been 3 other plugins (all buddypress compatible) that did it and at the moment I have deleted all plugins and the error is still there.

    I have a feeling the problem is more likely caused by something I do not have installed on my server if I can find out what is causing the problem I ca have my host install whatever I need

    Try this. One at a time, upload each plugin and the used version of it prior to issues. Activate it. Run your site (from a browser). Go back to admin and deactivate and then delete the plugin in the plugin admin area. This will both delete the files and remove any data made in your database (which is not removed simply by deleting the plugin in FTP).

    When done, install plugins one at a time, and make sure they are all compatible with your version of WordPress and your theme and eachother. Test site after each plugin for full site functionality and plugin effectiveness and performance.

    As far as what is needed for WP to run see this Codex item.

    To check your install run phpinfo.php or perhaps phpinfo.php5 as file name on some hosts (for PHP 5) check with host.

    one other thing I need to know who to sort out the 500 internal server error without doing a fresh install at the moment starting again is not a problem but once the site is live and people are using it this will not be an option so I need to be able to at least make it so I ca get admin access at least

    500 internal server errors are generated by the web host, not wordpress.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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