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  • Hello everyone, maybe someone here has an answer to this one. I have been having a problem for the last 24 hours getting a 500 Internal Server Error on my blog.

    The error was only coming up on the homepage and the archives. I deleted the .htaccess file and reset the permalinks to default and everything was ok. The trouble with that is I have several hundred hard links throughout the blog and I would have to changes them all. In addition, we have already sent out millions of marketing pieces to people with the specific “pretty” urls.

    After a few hours of reading and messing around with the permalinks and .htaccess file, I went back and put some of the last pages I created to draft instead of publish. Well, that fixed the 500 error on the homepage, but not the archive. I can live with that for right now, so no problem. I wake up this morning and 500 error again. I have to put a few MORE pages I created to draft to get it working again….

    Finally after doing this 3 times, I set to draft a whole tier of pages, for instance. Free Tools>Investment Clubs>(Each State had it’s own page). I put the whole Investment Clubs into draft and no 500 error on homepage anymore.

    Now, just a few minutes ago, our most commented and viewed post is now getting a 500 error. It has not been changed since it was published a little less than a week ago..

    We have contacted the hosting company, 1and1, and of course they say that there are no problems with the server.


    “Unfortunately we do not offer support for scripting issues. High traffic blogs do not present a problem on our servers inherently. Any such issues would typically relate to something within the blog itself, not just the traffic.”

    Please… anyone with any knowledge about this problem?

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