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  • Hello – I am a new user trying to install WordPress on my site at Bluehost using Simplescripts. I will try to outline the exact steps taken and error messages received here and would appreciate any help.

    1) In cpanel, go to “Software/Services” and click on WordPress.

    2) Click on “Install a brand new version”.

    3) Select the latest version to install (3.2.1 Stable), create a custom admin name and password, uncheck the Smallbiz and Wiziapp options, click Complete

    4) The installation completes and I am given an administrator login URL for WordPress. I click on that link and get this:

    Error Summary
    HTTP Error 500.0 – Internal Server Error
    Internal Server Error
    Detailed Error Information
    Module ManagedPipelineHandler
    Notification ExecuteRequestHandler
    Handler ExtensionlessUrl-Integrated-4.0
    Error Code 0x800703e9
    Requested URL http://localhost:50080/wp-admin
    Physical Path C:\Websites\Park Your Domain\CmsWeb\wp-admin
    Logon Method Anonymous
    Logon User Anonymous

    6) I googled the problem and tried following the steps presented in this thread: to no avail.

    7) I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling WordPress several times with different php configurations, none of them have worked.

    I am totally new to this and not sure what to do, if this problem is specific to Bluehost/Simplescript or more general. I thought the whole point of Simplescript was to have easy one-click installations…

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  • I recommend contact your webhost for this, as detail reason of the error will be in server log, which your hosting company can read for you.

    What is your site? Are your Name Servers(DNS) pointed to BlueHost?

    Since BlueHost uses Linux servers only (last I checked), the C:\ path looks very much like your site is resolving somewhere other than at BlueHost.

    Think I figured it out – I originally bought the domain on Namecheap and got the EPP code to transfer it to Bluehost, but apparently the transfer isn’t instantaneous and I have to wait 5 days. So I’m assuming trying to install WordPress before the transfer actually happens won’t work.

    Can you post your site so I can check that does your site is pointing to bluehost.

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