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  • Hello,

    I installed this plugin and activated it. Right away my site went down and I got a 500 Internal Server Error.
    Removed the plugin and all other plugins from my wp-content but still can’t fix the error!

    This advice is not working to fix the issue!
    “If you meet any problem after installing, please don’t panic, just uninstall the plugin and it will be ok. No any data loss will happen. But if you can’t even access wp-admin, then just remove the plugin via ftp, then open wp-admin->settings->permalinks, press to “Save changes” button”

    Please help!! Cannot login to my site!!!

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  • Fixed it finally.

    FYI- I’m on WP v4.2.2
    Steps for anyone facing the same problem:

      Login via FTP
      Delete the Plugin physically from your wp-content/plugins folder
      Rename the .htaccess file from your public_html folder from .htaccess to .htaccess_bkp(It is a hidden file so set your FTP to show the hidden files first in case you can’t see the file)
      Reload yoursitename/wp-admin, it should load fine now
      Goto Settings->Permalinks and click “Save changes”(generates a new .htaccessfile for you automatically.)
      Now you can delete the _bkp file, it is the root cause of your HTTP 500 error.

    Hope this helps someone.

    To the Plugin dev,

    Man this is so awful… you should have a warning put up or atleast write the steps correctly so that people can fix their site if something went wrong.

    Plugin Author Guaven Labs


    Hi szuprio. I have written warning message in both readme and homepage of the plugin. You might be didn’t read it. But anyway, sorry for trouble.
    p.s. There are nearly 2000 users which are using the plugin successfully. Also i am using it myself in more than 20 websites with 100% success. So the problem can happen very rarely(due to bad hosting permissions), and for that rare cases i have placed warning text in homepage.

    Thank you Szuprio, your solution was very helpful!

    Szuprio you saved the day!

    @elvin.Haci – What hosting permissions do you advice before using this?
    Really like to use your plugin, but probably the permissions aren’t set up for this.

    Hope you can give me some advice!


    thanks Szuprio to help us, some help from the author Elvin would be nice too, and not messages like “we are using it on other website and its fine”.
    I m a beginner in wordpress and html, and I spent now 1 day trying to fix the website. ITS A PAIN IN THE A°°. I need the site to be back online soon.

    To get back to my website I logged in the FTP, then it took me an hour to find out how to remove the pluggin file “Delete the Plugin physically from your wp-content/plugins folder” because I don’t see any delete button here (right click inspect element, and remove the line code?) (i dont now if its right)
    I am now at the step “Rename the .htaccess file from your public_html folder from .htaccess to .htaccess_bkp” Problem is there is the file name and other line of entry (3 i think) so should I rename all of that? When I do, I try to restart the website using another page, it doesnt work and the htaccess file.
    Well I did, but when I reload I got no success so far.

    Need help. Thank you.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Tu plugin vale callampa, eso no mas te digo!

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    @szuprio Many thanks. Yep, not even gonna try with this plugin anymore.

    @elvinhaci, maybe you can create something inside the plugin, that checks if it can function correctly. Supposedly youre saying that it has to do with permission, maybe it can whether the permissions are correct or permission can be changed.

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