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  • So I have been trying to install wordpress onto a hosting site that I bought the day before yesterday. I have been having tons of problems with it. I’ve never done this before so I may be making a basic mistake

    I followed the steps in the video tutorial that can be found at wordpress university ( It seems like everything installed to the hosting center in godaddy correctly. I installed to the root directory like the video says.

    First thing I haven’t received a email from WordPress confirming that the set up was done and that there is an account activated. I’ve tried installing and uninstalling a few times to see if I had made a mistake and it still isn’t coming through. Right after the install I got when I go to the page ( I was getting a message that said this site will be available soon. After I edited the wp-config.php file it was giving me an 500 internal server error.

    I’ve called godaddy and asked them for help with the issue, they said to come ot the forum as they can’t do anything.

    First how do I know what username to use in the wp-config.php file? I am using the log in name of the hosting control, and the database name is something like xle03809480404. I know that the password is correct cause I am only using one for this site to make sure I haven’t made any mistakes. When I did the auto install of wordpress through the connection center it didn’t tell me what database user to set up so I am assuming its the log in for the hosting center.

    Secondly, how long are the emails supposed to take? The video said 20 minutes and I installed this last night, so it’s been 24 hours.

    Any help will be super appreciated as I am at a complete loss right now.

    Thanks you.

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    You’re right, the database name and username is found in the Hosting Control Center. You can locate these by following the steps in this help article: You can also update the password there if needed.

    It sounds like the install was done through GoDaddy Hosting Connection. In this case there is no need to edit your wp-config.php file because everything required to install is created and set up for you. Here is a Getting Started Guide that will help you out:

    So since I did edit the wp-config.php file should I uninstall the WP and reinstall it?

    Also, I still haven’t received the email from WP saying the account was set up. Why is that?

    The first help article that you linked to does not work.




    the first link works fine, as long as you look closely at the period that was added and remove that.

    Thanks for the link. I obviously missed that.

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    Sorry about that. The email is sent upon completion of set up. Could be it was sent to a different email address or went directly to bulk. The email lets you know that the application was set up and the URL WordPress was installed to. These details and more can be found by going to the- Hosting Control Center- My Applications- Installation Details.

    Took me forever to find this information, so I’m passing it on. Here’s The Godaddy response to my problem.

    Discussion Notes
    Support Staff Response
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for contacting Hosting Support.

    Your hosting account for is currently setup on a Windows operating system. Unfortunately, you are unable to automatically install WordPress to any alias domain on your hosting account with Windows. This is an issue with the way Windows handles alias domains. If you would like to do an automatic install of WordPress to your alias domains, I would recommend moving from a Windows hosting account to a Linux hosting account.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

    Please contact us if you have any further issues.


    Their system wouldn’t let me manually upload wordpress either. I switched to BlueHost and after beating my head for 4 days, my problem was solved in 6o seconds.

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