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    Ok, this is a pretty major issue for me as, not only am I unable to access my direct site ( but I’m not even able to login to my admin page either. I can see all my other pages (ie: My about page works fine, and if you click on the other tabs, they all work fine except for the home page. These pages did work fine like 10 mins before, and so the only thing I can think of that may have cause this was a new plugin. I deleted the two plugins I had added in that time frame, but the error was still occuring.

    I am using godaddy hosting, windows, php5, mysql.

    Things I’ve tried and the results

    T: Deleting all my plugins via FTP.
    R: Still got error, just now my other tabs did not have plugins working.

    T: Adding a php5.ini file with the following code

    memory_limit = 50M
    post_max_size = 32M
    file_uploads = On
    upload_max_filesize = 192M

    R: I got some godaddy error about not having the MYSQL files needed or something to that effect. (I didn’t copy down the error message as I was on the phone with godaddy support at the time.) I removed the php5.ini file and this error went away.

    T: Looking at my index.php file, my wp-config.php file and my web.config file.
    R: Didn’t see anything obvious. I did notice one forum entry stating to change require('./wp-blog-header.php');
    to require('wp-blog-header.php');
    in my index file, but this did nothing, so I changed it back.

    T: Changing permissions on my directories in
    R: Again, nothing.

    In any case, it’s my home page (the page of blog posts) page that keep getting the following error:

    500 – Internal server error.
    There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

    and my wp-admin/admin.php just gives me a blank page now.

    I’m not sure how wordpress works exactly, but what do these two pages have in common that the others don’t? Do they directly communicate to the WP database, and the others not? I’m really hoping this is not a database issue, where I would lose already writing post. I’m hoping maybe some settings or paths got changed via a plugin and I just need to locate where and change it back?

    Any how, I’ve been up all night trying to figure it out, when I finally decide to bite the bullet and follow Samboll’s (moderator on these forums) advice. He mentioned a few places that godaddy’s windows support with php is unreliable at best and that you should switch over to Linux. So right now I’m at the following:

    Current Hosting Account Status: Pending Account Change

    I’m hoping this switch ‘magically’ fixes everything, but I find it frustrating not knowing what suddenly broke. My understanding is that this switch can take from 24 upto 72 hours. So in case it doesn’t address the issue, I thought I’d get a jump on it and ask for any suggestions, as I’d like to get the site back up and running asap.

    My current plan is to check it after the linux switch is complete. If still not working, I’d create the php5.ini file exactly as shown above. Let me know if that looks right or missing something? If that doesn’t work, the only other think I can think of is to start from scratch, which I’d rather avoid if possible.

    Thanking you in advance for any possible help you can offer.


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  • opps, those links above are down right now, I’m assuming because of the switch from windows to linux. So you cannot see actual screens, but my descriptions are accurate.

    Sorry 🙁

    Great, now the home page is working (but with a big Godaddy banner at the top that wasn’t there before) but all my other pages come up Page Not Found. Does Linux change the file paths?

    Anyway, a whole new set of issues to investigate. Site went from working perfectly to completely of out of commission. So dang frustrating!!!

    So, I changed host. Using hostgator now. So far it’s been problem free. Knock on wood! 🙂



    Hi Jeff,
    I use Hostgator too, but I have a similar issue. My homepage shows and there are seven pages on it. I have three other main pages that suddenly stopped showing. I can see the pages when I am logged into the dashboard, but once I am logged out I can only see the home page.


    Hi Edekin, I visited your site, but as far as pages are concerned, I can only see the one, Homepage.

    I am far from an expert on wordpress or php, so I’m probably not the guy to be asking. Some possible explanations I could think of for seeing pages in dashboard but not on site are:

    Did you saved them as Draft?
    Did you saved them as Private?
    Do you have pagemash(or other page related plugin) enabled? If so make sure you don’t have them marked invisible?
    Did you assign them a parent page, and if so, does any the above issues apply to that parent page?

    Sorry. Hope you get it working.


    I am having a similar problem (posted here) – are you saying that what it took to fix the error was to dump godaddy and get a new domain host?

    For me, yep. I’m sure it may be worked out via godaddy, but when I was doing my research on the issue back 4 months ago it sounded like some host sites where much more ‘wordpress friendly’, and hostgator was one of the ones that seemed to be recommended. So far, so good (knock on wood) for me.

    I still have my old site on godaddy, but my new wordpress site is on hostgator.

    This could well be a mysql issue and not wordpress, if you are on a shared host all kinds of things can mess with you.. you could try logging into the mysql with phpadmin and seing if that works ok.

    If you are using supecache pages can show up even if mysql is down.

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