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  • Hi Folks:

    A couple nights ago I was working on my newest Blog, and seem to have messed up some settings.

    I went into General Setting to try and change my ‘homepage’ info, and made these changes with:

    In General Settings:

    WordPress address (URL)
    Site address (URL)

    The default setting was:

    WordPress address (URL)
    Site address (URL)

    I tried changing both to:

    Clicked on Update….but got the error message.

    I went back and changed them back to the default setting, clicked on Update again, but got the 500 Internal Error Message.

    So now, I cannot access my Dashboard at all.

    When I type in:, I just get the Internal Server Error.

    My Login for WordPress is:

    Login: admin
    Passwd: palmsofrubber

    My Login for my hosting company, HostPapa is:
    Username: myon7230
    Password: insanity

    I don’t know what I messed up, but even changing these settings back to the default didn’t seem to correct anything. I’ve tried a number of times now just typing in:

    But every time I do, I get Internal Server Error.

    Since WordPress does not offer a Support Desk, I am hoping someone here can help me straighten out this mess.

    Warmest Regards

    R J Smith

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  • esmi


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    Change the urls back. See Changing_The_Site_URL

    I found that page late last night and read through it, but didn’t understand it.

    I have NO access to my Dashboard to change the url’s and in fact DID change them back last night, when I got the first error message.

    As soon as I discovered the first Error message, I immediately changed the URL’s back to what they were. But when I clicked Update, just kept getting the same error message.

    So, I can’t even get into the Dashboard now to do anything.

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    Re-read the link.


    You can do it via FTP 🙂

    Thanks, I am just rereading now. I do have Filezilla installed but have never used it, so will have to figure how to do so.

    Guess there’s no time like NOW to learn how to use it, lol. 🙂

    Did you fix this problem? I did something wrong and can not get into my dashboard and website is not working. I think when I was adding my all in one SEO a accidentally change the URL config and now nothing is working how do I get back into the site to reset to default? Thank you



    Forum Moderator Please post your own topic.

    sorry I was asking the poster if he fixed his

    Just spent the last hour reading and studying the Changing the URL page. I got Filezilla open and working fine.

    However, I’m not understanding this:

    2. Add these two lines to the file, immediately after the initial “<?php” line.



    These two lines are already correct. So nothing to edit or change.

    It then says:

    4. Load the login or admin page a couple of times. The site should come back up.

    Still getting Internal Server Error.

    No idea what to do now. 🙁

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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