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  • hi guys,

    when i try to put some javascript code on the footer.php file using the theme editor, or if i place some javascript code in a new blog entry, i get a 500 Internal Server error.
    thought its the html editor embded in the admin giving the error and modified the footer.php file manually, however i have now installed the delux adsense plugin, and if i try to place the adsense javascript code in the textbox it gives the error. need help!!!,

    i have wp 2.0.1 installed.

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  • Putting Javascript into templates shouldn’t produce a 500 error. Are you putting it inside <?php ?> tags — because if you are that might be what’s causing it. The server will try to execute anything inside <?php ?> tags as PHP. Javascript is executed in the browser, not the server.

    Try downloading the template file and inserting it using a text editor. Then re-upload the file. It might be that the file editor scripts are causing the error, not your code.

    Oh, and the post editor does funny things to code like javascript. It runs it through a parser to check things, so javascript gets eaten. (As do things like IE conditional comments, actually).

    im not using <?php ?> tags i am not doing any coding, i am just using wordpress.

    if i put javascript eg. adsense code, in the post and click on the save button i get the 500 Internal server error. and the same goes when for editing templates in the theme editor.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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