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  • All the WordPress files are there in my FTP yet I cannot access my blog named ‘news’.

    I get a 500 Server Error — which I know is internal, and then it says 404 File Not Found.

    Could this have been shut off on purpose by any chance?

    Here is the Error Log:

    SoftException in Application.cpp:252: File "/home/username/public_html/news/index.php

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  • See if this blog post helps…

    Recovering from Internal Server Errors

    Seems to cover the same error..

    OK seems I was hacked. There was a file in the themes folder and I removed it but now I am going to reinstall.

    Here is my question — if I upgrade to the latest WP, how do I fix the password so my old database of content will still connect?

    If you update wordpress the old config file will still remain in tact…

    Any new wordpress archives come with the config file named to wp-config-sample.php, which means your existing one will remain as it is…

    If you use the auto update, this problem should not even be considered, WP should take care of it for you.

    See the codex for more information on upgrading.

    I’ve only been using WordPress since 2.7 , so i can’t really comment on the upgrade feature in fairness.

    OK I did it all manually.

    But I did see it ask me to update to 2.7.1 and did it from within the panel.

    Now then, on another thread they are discussing the remv.php file.

    They seem to think it is installed through and exploit in the comments forms.

    Here is my info: I was using 2.5 and had NO comments open, not even the registration. So how did they get in and put that file in the themes folder?

    Weird. I hope v2.7.1 stops this.

    Can only speculate….

    This is what you have server logs for, if you’re not saving server logs and you don’t check them it’s anyone’s guess..

    If you have CPanel with your webhost you should have this option.

    You need to check them daily unless you actually save the access logs.

    You’ll see the requests made to the various pages, exploits are quite noticable, i’ve already blocked several on my site since starting a wordpress site just under 2 months ago (failed attempts, but i blocked them by IP nonetheless, and wrote some extra htaccess rules).

    If i see any popup in the logs i’ll post some here as examples so you can see the kind of things to look out for…

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