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    So here we go again… Yet another 500 error after upgrading to 2009.1111, which crashed my site.

    After upgrading from 2009.0707 to 2009.1111, I noticed that although feeds were still being pulled (from the plugin admin section), new posts were not being updated/added on the site itself. By the time I realised that and started to look around as to why, the site crashed in a big bang with yet another 500 error.

    If you look at previous posting I did on the developer’s forum, you’ll see it’s not the first time this happened (and I am not the only to experience that). The first 500 error was eventually fixed by my ISP, by reinstalling PHP in my hosting package. Pretty drastic, right?

    I again cleared all the RSS_ files from the wp_options file, cleared my cache – all to no avail.

    I deleted the FeedWordpress plugin completely. My site was available again and loaded until it met the first <?php if (is_syndicated()) : ?> call on the home page. I expected that; and at least I could see something from my site.

    Then I try to roll back to the previous version of FeedWordpress and went back to download 2009.0707 from WordPress download area, uploaded it and installed it successfully; but when it came to activate it, it threw me another 500 error.

    I then noticed that the WP plugin dashboard was prompting me for an upgrade of this plugin to 2009.1111, which I did as I had nothing to lose at that stage. Unlike 2009.0707 which refused to activate, 2009.1111 did activate, but the site did revert to a 500 error mode [or a 1460 timeout (it varies – sometime it’s a 500, sometime it’s a 1460)]

    I then deleted it all again, and the home page went back up, rendering up to the first <?php if (is_syndicated()) : ?> call.

    So, it seems pretty evident that FeedWordpress is the cause of the 500 error and no other plugins.

    My site is heavily based on FeedWordpress to work properly. When it does, it does all the things I want it to do – it’s a breeze and I love it. But the risk of it crashing the site seems to be very high, which is not a happy thing as I waste many hours trying to figure out what’s going on, bothering a lot of people for help, and not to mention having a site down for many days…

    So, please please please… I implore someone, anyone to help me find a solution/fix to this…

    @charles – What’s going on?

    Hope to hearing from you…

    Many thanks,



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  • Using FeedWordPress on a dozen sites. All I am doing is aggregating headlines. In every case, it continues to leave behind rss_hash entries in the wp_options table which contain the entire feed. These build up until the whole site crashes. I try to clean them out every few days, but sometimes I miss one and the site goes down again. I have not found an automated solution.
    I have read elsewhere that this is a “feature”. Well, any feature that consistently crashes the site after a period of time needs work.
    I do not know if this is a feature of MagpieRSS or FeedWordPress, but your problem sounds like it comes from the same root. Some component in the process needs to clean up those useless entries that bloat the wp_options table.


    Here’s a PARTIAL solution for the leftover magpie rss entries in wp_options. Run the following query on your database in PHPMyAdmin. You can also make it a PHP script and run it on a cron job for automated cleaning.

    DELETE FROM wp_options WHERE option_value LIKE '%MagpieRSS%'

    That will clear out all the MagpieRSS references, which it appears are the primary result of FeedWordPress, but it won’t clean out straight “RSS[has]” entries, which may be in part FeedWordPress but are also left by the Dashboard feeds.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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