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    I’m working with a WordPress site that exists on both a staging and a development server. On the dev server, I updated WordPress and multiple plugins, confirmed everything was working smoothly, and then committed the changes to dedicated git branch. I then merged the branches in git. On the staging server, I duplicated all database-related work (creating pages, menus, etc.), and moved the file structure over via git. So, nothing in the database moved. .htaccess was in the .gitignore file, and so it did not move with the rest (the staging server had it’s own), as was the wp-conifg file. Upon loading the page after the git pull, I received a 500 error. This remained for approximately five minutes, and then the site seemingly recovered itself and began working. No cache plugins are currently running, and no caches are on the server installations.

    I can confirm that the site was running without issue on both staging and dev servers prior to the git pull (and after db-related changes).

    Anyone else ever experience this?

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  • server 500 errors happen for a variety of reasons but normally its either your code not having the correct permission to run.. which is often seen in perl scripts.. or a misconfiguration of your resources.

    it can also happen on servers that are extremely overloaded such as oversold shared hosting.

    remember to test by viewing files that do not need cgi / db resources.. view images or text files in your install directory..

    If you can’t get to them then you know there is a problem.

    If you are lucky you might have some log information but don’t count on it.

    I have never worked with such complex things, but usually 500 error comes when there is something wrong with permission of files or folders.

    Thanks for comments, all. It was a file permissions issue, due in part to the fact that I had to update WordPress and several plugins manually due to the dev server configuration. When I moved the site via Git, all of these updates were applied simultaneously, resulting in conflicts and subsequent permissions issues, particularly in index.php. A simple chmod command to change index.php to 644 resolved the issue.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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