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    I just installed this plugin on Siteground and when I go to “Check for new folders” it stalls and then shows a 500 error.

    I spoke with support and they can’t seem to see any specific reason for it.

    Any ideas what could be causing this?

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  • All good points, thanks for the input, very useful. I guess in this situation this approach isn’t ideal.

    I have solved it without this plugin now and I have adopted an approach that just puts everything in the traditional WP media folder structure.

    For those that run into an issue like this with 7000+ folders and files, my approach was

    1) create a CSV file of the content I was importing (along with image URLs). I used ScrapeStorm ( a standalone program).

    2) Migrate the folder structure for the images via FTP or file manager to the new server or site folder.

    3) Search and replace the old url path to the images to the new one.

    4) Use WP All Import to import and map the new content along with the image import/upload.

    One other issue I had that this solved – In the old folder structure there were 100s of images with the same name nested in different folders (hence the structure).

    During the import with WP All Import I set the import and upload of images to rename the image after the post name + a number for multiples or duplicates.

    All working great now so marking this topic as resolved and hopefully the above is useful to someone else who runs into my unique situation.

    Cheers fellas, @alanp57 and @psmits1567 you have both been great.

    Hi one3rdnerd

    Thanks for letting me know the solution you used
    Unfortunately the current Media Folders Library plugin does not fit you.
    Maybe this plugin can help you find the unused images “Fix Media Library”
    Because 7000 images are difficult to handle
    Good luck

Viewing 2 replies - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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