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  • I have been experiencing 500 internal server error for nearly a week now. This occurs when I am trying to publish a new post. I am also having a http error when I try to upload photos.

    I contacted Hostgator and they gave me confliting responses, looks like they are not sure of what the issue is. Initially they told me the problem is because my site is not optimized, it is a Multisite and has many plugins. I already had WP Super Cache for optimizing. I then decided to delete some plugins, deactivate some from other sub-sites, except the parent site and delete some of the sub-sites. All these couldn’t solve the problem.

    I contacted them again and they said.

    “A a temporary PHP limit was placed on your account, thus giving the 500 error when you try to view your site.

    HostGator allows a maximum of 25% CPU usage limit. You may exceed this limit for no longer than 90 seconds.
    It is unlikely that you hit the 25% CPU usage. Unless your site is script intensive and requires more processing.”

    I checked the CPU usage on my cPanel and I was nowhere close to using a large amount of the cpu.

    I have other sites(not multisites and all have few plugins) on the same hosting account and they are all experiencing the same problem.

    Can anyone kindly help? 🙂

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    Error 500 ISE is very generic and can be caused by numerous underlying issues. Here are some thing you can try to solve it:
    – Your first step should be checking your site’s error logs for a more specific error message. If you need help locating them, ask your hosting provider to help you with that.
    – check with your host if the domain name is configured properly to point to public_html folder
    – It may indicate .htaccess issue. Regenerate .htaccess, and be sure the encoding in your text editor is Unicode No BOM
    – It may also indicate a problem with the configuration on the server. Usually your hosting company tech support can help.
    – it could be problem with the plugins, try resetting the plugins folder by FTP or phpMyAdmin.
    – it could be a problem with the theme. Momentarily, try switching to the default twentyeleven theme via FTP by renaming your current theme to rule out any theme specific issue.
    – if these steps don’t help, download WordPress again and replace your copies of everything EXCEPT the wp-config.php file and the /wp-content/ directory with fresh copies. This should replace your core files without changing your content and settings in wp-config.php file and the /wp-content/ directory.

    I had 500 errors on media uploads and a lot of really weird problems including messed up displays of the WordPress dashboard. All of these problems were due to uploading images that hadn’t been optimized for the web. Are your images 72 pixels per inch? Is the total pixel width and height the actual size you want to display (certainly never larger than a full-size screen)? If not, delete all your images, clear browser cache and cookies, refresh, optimize your images, and then upload them. I think the WordPress Media Uploader should carry a warning about image optimization.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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