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  • Hi, my site randomly throwing Internal Server Error, on f12 it says code 500, but on browser tab and on webpage it shows 732. On webpage there’s nothing else, somethimes it just show “Internal Server Error” and sometimes just “732” both on 16px font.

    This problem happens on front end and back end, I’ve tried to revert to default WP, using default theme and disable plugins, this still happening.

    I asked my webhosting but they can’t do anything because can’t replicate it. Using my internet connection the problems happen on front end (even when not logged on, and I’m using W3TC) and back end, while using proxy it only happens on back end.

    I have several sites, some with similar configuration as this and some using same hosting though different server, only this one particular site that gives me errors.

    I found almost simiar problem as mine here but there’s no solution except I’ve to read something I don’t understand.

    Is this connection problem? Server problem? Will changing hosting/server solve this? From my server stats, everything is undercontrol, low IO usage, low CPU usage, low memory usage.

    Any thought on this? Thanks

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  • Do you have access to cpanel? Check the server logs to find out why these errors occur

    There’s no error log on cPanel or PHP error log. It’s totally like a ghost, but it’s there. That’s why my hosting support can’t solve it even after we chatted fo few days about this. They can’t even replicate it. I tried using my 2 PCs and smartphone, the error is there.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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