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  • I will PayPal you $50 to figure out why the hell my blog is running so slow.

    My contact: landon.howell @ yahoo DOT com

    For the last 6 days it has been acting fickle.

    One second it will load smoothly… the next it will take 2 minutes OR not load at all.

    First to figure out the issue gets the fifty

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  • Your blog is colocated or you own the whole server your blog is hosted on?
    I was thinking of line saturation but I am only 12 hops away and it took me only 23 ms to hit your server. Average is usually 43 ms. There is no packet loss too. This is pretty good.
    Looks like the problem is on the server end. It doesn’t seem to be acceptting http request. I can’t obviously check the server logs:-). Check with your hosting company. Is it yahoo?

    have you tested another application on your server – webhost? some pages, or catalog or whatever like photoblog ? or try to upload a phpbb forum or punbb forum, run them and check them. iF you experience the same problem like runing your wordpress then you will know what’s the problem. – extend my deviantArt suscription for 3 months , thank you ! :PP

    uups – update: consider your “visitor counter” and the flickr connectivity and the google advetrising connectivity, it may takes time. test a wordpress without these features.

    @ serolf: yes, it is Yahoo… but for them to be running slow for 6 consecutive days? That seems unlikely.

    Also (I am very computer illiterate for a blog owner) what does ms mean?

    @ jam.dv: what does “try to upload a phpbb forum or punbb forum” mean?

    ms = milliseconds

    Also (I am very computer illiterate for a blog owner) what does ms mean?

    Sorry, ms means milliseconds. That’s how fast it took me to hit your server.

    yes, it is Yahoo… but for them to be running slow for 6 consecutive days? That seems unlikely.

    It is seems unlikely if that server is under some kind of DDoS

    Can you create a folder and put a simple index.html on it or better yet if you are confident, save the original index.html and replace it with a new one containing…

    <h1> It works!!!</h1>

    Then try to access using

    @ serolf: all those words just scared me 🙂

    Sorry, yeah I know DDoS scares me too.

    DDoS means Distributed Denial of Service. It means it is just an attack on a server by having multiple computers usually drones simultaneously making a request to the server thereby preventing anyone from accessing it.

    I apologize for this. I tend to just spit out this crazy terms. I have to get away from computers. 🙂

    @ serolf: I think you’re on to something (that $50 is so close). I have a history of getting nailed by spam comments (at one point 95,000 spam comments ended up in my moderation queue in WordPress). How do I combat the DDoS?

    — BAMASS: I notice wordpress runs fast, good, and some other applications like bbforum, photo blog, or forum PHPBB run good too, if you find your Forum runs slow or a photo blog runs slow too, the is not wordpress or the webhost, it may be the connectivity to “external serives” like google ads or google analytics.

    other option is to install a separated, new and complete version of wordpress without counters or ads, just a clean blog to check it, if this new runs slow too, consider the Database acces is the issue. iF your blog is using a database with so much data of other blogs or applications (like a shared database of your web pages) then the access to your database is taking so much time (to read).

    I use the same database with different prefix on my website and I have not problem 😛 but if your webhost allows more databases then you can use only one for your wordpress iF is this the case .

    uups- 😛 update: – moments after write this, I noticed your website does not load – — hosting issue? enigma (o_0)

    How do I combat the DDoS?

    Usually this is done by your hosting people by rerouting or dropping the packets of attacks.

    It is also possible that your site is so popular that you are getting a lot of hits. You should have some kind of web stats like webalizer or something that tells you how much traffic you are getting if in fact your site is busy.

    If you are getting a lot of spams you can try to lessen them by going to settings –>by placing a check on all of the following under “Before a comment appears”

    An administrator must always approve the comment
    Comment author must fill out name and e-mail
    Comment author must have a previously approved comment

    Under Comment Moderation text box, put a 2 on Hold a comment in the queue if it contains or more links. Also, you can filter words by typing in the text area.

    and under “comment black list” you can add more words in there. Here is the explanation.

    When a comment contains any of these words in its content, name, URL, e-mail, or IP, it will be marked as spam. One word or IP per line. It will match inside words, so “press” will match “WordPress”.

    Hope this helps.

    If I won the prize just donate it to the red cross, homeless shelter, or any cause at your own choosing that the world is suffering from.

    Every little bit helps.

    Just checked your site by the way, and now amazingly loading fast.

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