• First off:
    IMHO as a dev – this is the best membership plugin out there.
    Hands down.
    The only one, and I have tried them all.

    Because it is elegant code.
    It’s set up in such a way as to allow very specific customization IN CODE
    no nonsense.
    clean and simple
    a beautiful core
    rare gem

    One of the most important things to me over the years with PMPRO is the interface is minimal and the integration system is light weight.

    There are so many ways to configure membership systems for my clients that PMPRO has long been the only solution that actually works long term

    PMPRO has achieved this by not putting invasive nonsense into the admin panel…
    like nags, promos, alerts, tracking and advertising

    Over the years this has slowly started to change…
    There are nags starting…
    There are promos starting…
    The notice on the bottom of every page begging “please rate us on WP”
    The “please buy a membership” thing
    The addon promos “check out this addon”

    Mixed feelings about that.
    On one hand: I GET IT
    PMPRO needs to make money to survive
    Every client I have developed for with PMPRO I have had them buy at least a 1year membership on top of me paying for my own membership twice, just to hand over some money (and fyi: never have I needed to file a support request)

    On the other hand: PLZ BE CARFUL
    PMPRO is starting down the path of “nagging, beggary and promos” that is the main reason I do not use any other membership plugins…

    Still, hands down the only membership plugin to use for WP.
    Every time I see any other plugin I laugh, pull it out and replace it with PMPRO

    That’s because I am a developer.
    And this code was clearly written for professionals who need things to work.

    Anyone trying to build a membership site using the other plugins like MemberPress, S2 and UltimateMembers has been swindled by marketing and the allure of “drag and drop”.

    Please remain the “best plugin for developers who are serious about membership site development” – do not make any WYSIWYG drag/drop junk. Stick with your tried and true CLEAN CODE BASE. I will remain loyal.


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  • Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    Thank you for the honest review. I am really glad that you find the plugin useful and enjoy it so much.

    I share your concerns about “nagging, beggary and promos”. At the same time, some of these things work really well. Ironically, the new link in the footer of the PMPro admin screens is partially what got you to post this review, which we very much appreciate. đŸ™‚

    The primary reason we encourage more (good) reviews is that it helps others to find PMPro when they search the .org repository here. We also think PMPro is the best and want more people to find it and use it.

    We do make money. We live well. We also spend almost all of the money that comes into the business paying for the staff and other costs of maintaining the plugin and making it better.

    This sounds like lip service, but honestly our first goal is to make the best membership plugin for WP and get folks using it. Our second goal is to build a profitable business on top of that. We think the best membership plugin is the one that is 100% open source and free. We love that tens of thousands of sites use our plugin for free. We are glad that we can make enough money through the services we do put a price on to continue running this business and maintaining this project.

    Here is a quote from our internal core values document that I recently shared on my blog as well: “If a decision comes down to something that will make the software better and something that will make us more money, we choose the option that makes the software better.”

    Sometimes we’re going to add upsells or other notifications. Our intention is always to do so in an honest way that doesn’t bother our users too much. We appreciate feedback like yours to help us know when we cross the line.

    Like I said, I share your concerns. We don’t want to come across as spammy or begging. Let me take this opportunity to share with anyone reading this some of the things we do to avoid being spammy.

    We have a notification system in the plugin that will only show our notices on our own admin pages. Outside of critical security notices, it is coded to only show one notice per day, and no more than 3 notices per week. You can also configure it through the advanced settings to only ever show critical notices.

    We also coded the notification system in a way to allow us to filter who sees the notices. Whenever possible, we try to only show notices applicable to your site based on your settings and the other plugins you have installed.

    After the first few weeks, when folks are getting the plugin set up, you should only see notices for critical updates or, if you’re not a paying member, a notice three times a year or so when we run a sale.

    RE doing things with code and avoiding “drag/drop junk”. We are with you there as well. We have always appreciated the fact that a good developer can code a required feature in a few lines of code, when the same would require much more code and a more complicated settings UI to build something for non-coders.

    We will always code things “the WordPress way” so they can be smartly enabled, disabled, and overwritten using hooks, filters, code snippets, and custom plugins. And we like to share our code solutions early, even if there is not GUI for it or the layers of code that are needed to make a solution work for every possible site. If we have code that’s useful to some folks, we will try to share it.

    At the same time, we will continue to improve our UI. Many features that start out in code gists, become plugins for developers, and then become plugins for non-developers. Even as a developer myself, I will appreciate GUIs when they help me to get things done faster.

    You will never find us introducing a new framework or design pattern because it looks really slick and fun. We will however update things over time to be in line with the standards put forth in the core WP plugin and to match expectations of the general WP user. We try our best to make purposeful UI improvements that are easy to ignore if you don’t need them. Let us know when we’ve missed mark.

    Thanks again for the review. We appreciate the feedback. I hope you continue to enjoy using PMPro for many years to come.

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