• You’re so write : )

    It is damn hard to write long-form well documented prose on WordPress, let alone use WP to publish a book, and build a collaborative community.

    For years, I’ve been pondering if I should and how I would publish my books on my WP Websites.

    Now that I know that BookPress is available, and reasonably priced, I’m going to dig into your documentation and seriously reconsider my priorities.

    I do hope that BookPress is light weight, optimize for speed and easily customized.

    Any chance that you’ll team up with Grammarly or Scrivener?

    Good luck I look forward to BookPress becoming a brilliant success.


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  • Dear Sri Shunyata,

    Thank you for the kind words!

    I don’t think Grammarly can be integrated directly as I believe they don’t offer an API. Not sure about Scrivener, but will have a look.

    BookPress is a new plugin so we are very open to tips, ideas and suggestions from authors. We cannot promise to implement anything, but we want it to be as useful as possible for displaying books and helping WordPress based writers! We have a ‘New Features’ poll on our homepage to enable users to participate in setting our direction.


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