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    I have 5 sites on a shared server, everything has always been OK, for the past few years, 4 of the sites have wordpress, 1 does not. Over the past few days one of the sites has been going down when I am updating pages in wordpress.

    I thought this was strange, but didn´t thing anything much of it, I contacted the server company and they confirmed the site was loading fine at their end, and they blamed my local network/internet. Sometimes it was taking 20-30minutes to get back online though, I thought my IP was being blocked, but the hosting company said that it wasnt.

    So, today I have had a visitor email me, telling me he cant see the site – This was worrying, I thought it was only me that the site was up and down for. So then I asked a few friends to check, I am in Spain, one friend is on the other side of Spain approximately 600 miles away, another friend is in the UK and another is in the USA….

    The problem – The site is going down for periods of time, sometimes for one person only, sometimes for 2 or 3, but never for all. The server company say its not been down at all, for me it might be OK and my friend in the USA not, then vice versa 30minutes later.. We´ve all be checking concurrently and it is very inconsistent. The other 4 sites have performed flawlessley on all counts, even though they are hosted on the same shared server.

    Ive never seen anything like this before, can anyone advise?

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  • What’s the URL of the site?

    I’m not seeing any loading issues right now, but as you mentioned they seem to be intermittent so that doesn’t mean it’s not an issue.

    I would suggest disabling all plugins, and then performing the same actions that have triggered the issue in the past to see if it’s still happening.

    Thanks for your reply Christiaan.

    I disabled all plugins etc earlier, and the site is still on and off. It´s OK for me presently, but the few people around the globe im getting to check it are still having repetetive issues.

    I´m however now thinking it´s not a WP issue at all.

    I did a DNS check and I think there is an issue there. Can someone decipher this for me?

    You´ll notice that there are 4 DNS set, there should be only 2, the first 2 were incorrectly given to me by the host, they missed the initial d off…. Only 2 DNS are set at the registrar, but are the two incorrect ones interfering in some way?

    The DNS are registered like this, but the first 2 should not be there. Initially the first 2 were set alone, the site had a lot of problems and we found that the “d” was missing off, after we amended the dns at the registrar it fixed all problems, this was quite some months ago. [‘’] [TTL=86400] [‘’] [TTL=86400] [‘’] [TTL=86400] [‘’] [TTL=86400]

    I am however guessing, and just going by what the report is saying, as I am not well clued up with this technical aspect.

    Who handles the nameservers? I assume your hosting provider? If so, you may want them to review your DNS configuration. NS records reside on the DNS server, not at your registrar. So, even though your registrar is properly configured there could be inaccurate records remaining on your DNS servers that are interfering.

    Thanks again for further reply, it´s good of you to help me.

    I have 2 hosting providers. Hosting company 1, who hold all the domains and they host 1 main domain. Then Hosting company 2, where I host the rest of the domains.

    I use 2 hosting companies to split the sites up, because my main income site needs its own server (at hosting company 1). So, I point the DNS at hosting company 1, towards hosting company 2, for the other 5 sites.

    The site with the issue is registered at hosting company 1, and points to hosting company 2, where it is hosted.

    Basically, i´ve spoken to both hosting companies. Hosting company 1 say they can do nothing, as the DNS are set with hosting company 2 – Hosting company 2 are refusing to do anything, they say there is no issue.

    I just ran my own DNS record check:

    It looks like you’ve moved your DNS to CloudFlare (smart move), and the records look properly configured. I’m not seeing any issue with loading the site at this point. Has it solved the problem on your end as well?

    Yes, it seems to have fixed it…. using the Cloudfare. The records are now properly configured, it certainly has something to do with those old incorrect dns being listed and conflicting.

    Which totally proves the DNS are just wrong with the server, I´m going to have to move away from that hosting company, they have been no help whatsoever.

    I thank you so much for your help during this. You helped a lot!

    Glad to help 🙂

    If you’re all set with this issue, please mark the thread resolved.

    I had no option but to move the site off the problematic server, there have been no problems since moving it.

    Almost certainly the problem was the duplicate listing of the DNS, which was causing some form of conflict, I don´t actually know who is responsible for that but moving to another server and then changing the DNS to that server has worked.


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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