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  • Well I tried the 5 minute installation… and now after several days of effort I still have no weblog.

    I even tried to work thru the detailed installation and no luck.

    As you might guess, I am a real beginner at this. I can do web pages and HTML and the like… but MySQL and PHP have me stumped.

    I think at least one of my basic problems is that I don’t have a database. I am using WAMP so MySql and PHP are on my own PC. I have downloaded WordPress and it is in a folder in the WAMP directory. I believe I have done all the parts and pieces required in WordPress… but not created whatever is needed in MySql… i.e. a database.

    Any pointers as to where to look for help in the area of creating the database.

    By the way, in case it makes any difference I am using DreamweaverMX for my website work.

    Thanks in advance for any support


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  • Try using “localhost/phpMyAdmin” – if you can get to it (I don’t know the WAMP distro, don’t know if it has phpMyAdmin, mySQL etc.), you can create your database there.

    If WAMP doesn’t have the requisites stuff, try going with I use XAMPP locally, runs WP just fine.

    You need to install phpmyadmin in order to manage/create your MySQL databases.

    OK, I have downloaded XAMPP and phpmyadmin… off I go to try some more tricks.

    Is there really a 5 minute install for some people???


    tfmurphhk: once you have xampp, it should be really easy! Just start the thing and type ‘localhost’ in your browser, then browse to where wp is. xampp comes with phpmyadmin already.

    Most people install WP on shared hosting accounts, where the host just emails you the connection details for FTP and MySQL. Once you have the server software down, you have to try very hard to make installing WordPress take more than 5 minutes.

    Um. I’ve done 6 installs – not one of them took more than about 3 minutes to actually install and be viable. Tweaking goes on forever, however.

    Added: even setting it up in XAMPP was less than 5 minutes – getting my head around apache and xampp took DAYS.

    well I am making a little progress. I ditched phpmyadmin. I figured if I need that (complex) I will change professions… LOL

    Now when I type localhost in my browser (Firefox) I get a window with this:

    error ‘8002801c’

    Error accessing the OLE registry.

    /iisHelp/common/500-100.asp, line 17



    Ew. I can’t help you with iis. Not a clue, sorry.

    Ahhh, when I try http://localhost/ in an IE browser window I get a Windows welcome screen that reads:

    Your Web service is now running.
    You do not currently have a default Web page established for your users. Any users attempting to connect to your Web site from another machine are currently receiving an Under Construction page. Your Web server lists the following files as possible default Web pages: default.htm,default.asp,index.htm,iisstart.asp. Currently, only iisstart.asp exists.

    Now what??


    I guess in the WP 5 minute setup I am hung on this:

    Create a database for WordPress on your web server, as well as a MySQL user who has all privileges for accessing and modifying it.

    How do I do that??





    Do these instructions help?

    EDIT: fixed link. Sorry.

    Do these instructions help? << No Link

    5 minutes including setting up themes and activating plugins. Tweaking, ah, that I believe will go on for a long long time to come.

    Have you considered getting a cheap shared hosting account and setting up there, since administering (administrating?) your own PHP and mySQL seems to be where you are actually having problems? You’re not really to the stage of starting the WP install without working PHP and mysQL already setup.

    Hey Im trying to install a local copy of wordpress using WAMP5 all localy on my machine, but when i surf to install.php i get a horrific error msg …
    wp-config.php file. I need this before we can get started. Need more help? We got it. You can create a wp-config.php file through a web interface, but this doesn’t work for all server setups. The safest way is to manually create the file.”); require_once(‘../wp-config.php’); require_once(‘./upgrade-functions.php’); $guessurl = str_replace(‘/wp-admin/install.php?step=2’, ”, ‘http://’ . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] . dirname($_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’]) ); if (isset($_GET[‘step’])) $step = $_GET[‘step’]; else $step = 0; header( ‘Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8’ ); ?>
    hide_errors(); $installed = $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT * FROM $wpdb->users”); if ($installed) die(__(‘

    [moderated the long code when PHP is not running]

    sorry about the uber long post, buti figured if you can help you may need the entire error msg,
    I have been told that the problem is with my php, but im following the instructions set by

    which are ment to be quite good, any help would be fabulous. take care

    Thanks for nothing ;-). You are right, the problem is with getting PHP functional. Create a file named “test.php” with <?php echo ‘ “Hello, Big Guy” ‘; ?> in it. When it displays, “Hello Big Guy”, instead of the code, then you have it running and can try again to install WP.

    thanks, its not even displaying the code, its displaying nothing, thanks anyway, sorry about that uberlong post though.

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