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  • I have attempted at getting wordpress installed locally on my Mac using MAMP & have had absolutely no luck at all. I read somewhere that WordPress is such a great & easy way to build a website, & 1 hour into this install (5 minutes my $&!) Im finding it is a nightmare!

    I’ve attempted following the readme file & am so confused. Also tried following YouTube videos & they go so fast & don’t explain things that I am getting nowhere.

    If anyone can provide an actual step by step so I can actually attempt learning how to use this, It would be a huge help. I’m almost at the point of just saying screw it because I was under the impression that, “Easy” meant, just about anyone can do it with little to no difficulty.

    All I want to do is build a site locally so I can play with the tools & see what wordpress can do. That’s it.

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  • Norm


    I just answered a similar question MAMP in the local host forum.

    Hopefully you have already resolved it and are happily playing with WordPress on MAMP, but if not, I just started playing with MAMP again today (after not for a couple of years) and had a pretty easy time with it. MAMP has already been installed on my system, but I couldn’t remember how to install WordPress sites on it. This is what worked for me.

    After MAMP is running there is an FAQ button at the top that tells you to configure it to port 8888 and that by default, PHP and HTML Pages should be copied into the htdocs folder which is located under /Applications/MAMP.

    I downloaded the latest WordPress to my desktop, unzipped it, and renamed the folder to (anything you want) wordpress36. I then dragged the folder into the htdocs folder.

    Then I went back into MAMP, went to the PhpMyAdmin section to create a database. Under “Create a new database”, enter a name, and remember it. To keep things easy, it can be named wordpress36. Leave collation as it is and hit “Create”. You’ll see it listed on the left hand side.

    With MAMP running, I placed http://localhost:8888/wordpress36/ into the browser. Voila! There’s the WordPress create configuration page. Remember the database name that you just created, because it’s needed here. It asks for 5 things:

    – Database name: wordpress36
    – Username: root
    – Password: root
    – Database host: localhost
    – Table prefix: wp_

    I added / changed the first three, and left the last two as is. Obviously, don’t do this on a live server, but it’s fine for local installs.

    I hit the button to create config, (which is always funner when one gets to the “Alright sparky… ” page) which lead to another screen that allowed me to pick an admin name and password, along with entering an email, and WordPress was successfully installed.

    Hopefully it’s going okay for you now. It can be frustrating at times, but gets faster as one learns. Btw, it probably took me 5 times longer to write this than it took for me to install WordPress on MAMP. A WordPress install can be manually done on a live server in 5 minutes.

    Thank you everyone for responding. I had to take a few weeks break from this because it was such a difficult learning curve for me. I have confidence in myself to learn these new things & I want to learn WordPress but when you follow the steps & it still doesnt work, its frustrating. I am using iWeb & I am getting pretty good results, but the amount of plugins available for WordPress I want to be able to use all its great features.

    Thank you again for the help. I am going to attempt again over the next hour. I will let you all know where I am when I get done, or if I have hit a brick wall again. lol.

    Norm, thank you for your post. I got lost on the 4th or 5th step in your other post you made & went onto Keyalea’s steps. Also got lost about half way through. But I realized this was with the previous setup I had. So I uninstalled MAMP & WordPress, got a fresh download of MAMP & WordPress. Followed these steps Then followed Keyalea’s steps & sure enough, I got it!

    Thank you all so much for all the help. I don’t feel like a complete dumbass anymore. I still don’t like the 5 minute install slogan they have. I wish they would just provide these steps & have their slogan be “5 Minute install (with step by step guide)” Because it gives you that expectation that anybody can do it with little to no knowledge & that doesn’t seem to be true at all.

    (Stepping off my soapbox) Either way, I am so happy to now be able to get my feet wet with WordPress & actually give it a try. Thank you all again! Your great!

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