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  • Hey guys,
    I am new and am curious as to whether this is possible?

    I want to essentially have ONE site, and then lining horizontally at the top of the page, I want tabs, for example, Sport, Music, Movies, Celebs, Government. By tabs, I want to be able to post seperate posts in seperate categories. So if they want to know about Government, they click in the government tab, and all the posts which I write about government I am able to put in this, and obviously, in the music category there is music posts etc etc. I am on wordpress 3.0. I would really appreciate any advice, or links to a step by step, that could help me. I realise that this is probably pretty easy to do, but I have no idea how, and if it isn’t possible, I may have to rethink my plan of attack

    Thanks in advance, Chris.

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  • Hi Chris

    First you have to decide how (structurally) you want to segregate your articles into those topics

    On 3.0 you can enable multi-site and have a separate blog (with its own appearance, topic structures etc) for each of your major topics,
    you could use static pages as topic landing areas, with blog posts under them in blog categories – these are termed archive pages by WordPress,
    you could use just the basic blog hierarchy system to create top level categories (main topics) with subtopics.

    each method has its own pros and cons, and really depends on how big you expect each topics content and structure to get. Also in WP, the method of creating a navigation bar for each is slightly different as you have to call a different function for each type, and the filters that can be applied to the functions differ slightly from each other.

    Normal practice by theme (appearance files) developers is to put Page navigation across the top, for static content, and Post navigation down the side, for blog content, but it’s up to you how you set your site up.

    Hope it helps

    cheers gaz, I’m glad it’s possible, with the multisite, does that enable me to do what I said in my first post? 5 blog pages, One Website? meaning 1 URL? essantially I would like it to be,, and so on and so forth. Or would that be one of the other options?

    Thanks alot mate,

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    Chirs, what you want is really simple. You don’t need multisite for this unles you wanted separate backends for each category.

    All you need to do is code the theme (or pick a theme with this feature) to show the categories in the menu.

    You can even build this in the default theme.

    then tweak your permalink settings so it shows those categories, and you’re good.

    Alternatively, you could use a Page template that pull sin those specific categories.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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