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  • Theme incorrectly closing HTML elements with attributes that contain HTML tags in content of the posts and pages.

    For example, if the HTML element have tags like this
    <div data-content="<div class='flex-popover-content-data'>Data</div>" data-original-title="<div class='popover-title-id' > ID: 19</div>" >My text</div>
    Theme show info like this
    <div data-content="<div class='flex-popover-content-data'>Data</div>” data-original-title=”<div class='popover-title-id' > ID: 19</div>” >My text</div>

    Issue relative to second (and next) quote symbols
    it’s have to be like this one "

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  • data-content="<div class='flex-popover-content-data'>Data</div>" is not valid HTML. You cannot put HTML inside an HTML attribute. This is breaking the HTML so that WordPress cannot tell that some of the " symbols are supposed to be HTML.

    If you want HTML inside an attribute you need to escape it first and then unescape it whenever you want to use it as HTML. In this context escaping means encoding characters like < inside the attribute as < and > as > etc.

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