Support » Alpha/Beta/RC » 5.9 Beta 3: Custom font size toggle confusing

  • I was a bit confused by the custom font size toggle for blocks. It wasn’t intuitive to me that the symbol (which I typically associate with settings or filters) would switch the font selection to a custom setting.

    When you first open the block settings, there is a drop down option to select the font size (screenshot). One of the options is custom (as seen in the screenshot). However, after you select custom, the drop down and other options go away and you have to click the icon in the upper right in order to go back to the drop down (screenshot).

    I would have expected the drop down to remain there. It seems like in place of the drop down arrow, it was replaced with the units (e.g. px). Perhaps the units could go where the current “settings/filter” icon is and only display when custom is selected. That way the UX could remain the same regardless of someone’s selection.

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