Support » Alpha/Beta/RC » 5.9 Beta 3: Block setting UI feedback

  • On the page editor in block settings, I noticed that not every settings category is collapsable anymore. Some sections can only have things added or taken away (but cannot be collapsed). This makes for a disjointed user experience for me.

    In 5.8, here’s what the settings looked like (with all items collapsed).

    With 5.9, you can see the typography section in the paragraph block has a + symbol instead of the expand/collapse arrow. I would expect each section to have the same option.

    What’s even more confusing to me, is that if I add something using the + symbol, then the symbol changes to the three vertical dots used to indicate options above.

    Another example of where this is confusing is with the verse block here that has a Dimensions section that is empty until I click the plus (and have the option to add just one setting to the category).

    ## Suggestions

    I’d suggest having every settings category have the expand/collapse option (like it does in 5.8).

    Further, I’d suggest not having any settings be able to be added or taken away (if they are in different sections, then that would be fine, I think). But if we do need some settings hidden away, then having a “more options” link at the bottom or something that exposes them might be a better option.

    Just some thoughts.

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