• Reusable blocks have become more difficult to use, not easier.

    It’s now incredibly hard to select a reusable block and move it around a page as one unit. When you insert a reusable block with 5.7, you can now select individual elements of it without clicking “edit reusable block” like before 5.7. But it is so hard to select the whole block because of this. The “select parent” icon hardly ever shows (I don’t know why WordPress insist on having these icons as ones that pop-up instead of consistently being on the top toolbar, because they often do not appear).

    On top of this, the new way reusable blocks save when you save a page is prone to errors. With the old setup, you chose if you wanted to edit a block and then save over the reusable block it came from or create a new one. Now, unless you remember to UNTICK the save option, it will overwrite all previous instances of that reusable block. That is absolutely NOT useful. You often make changes to a reusable block for that specific page, and don’t want to overwrite other instances of it that are on other pages. The default should be unticked, or, ideally, go back to the old way of handling reusable blocks.

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    @joyously No, I am not having that issue.

    I’m thinking it is similar to https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/52779
    which mentions a GitHub issue https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/29178 which compares the old and the new way to do Reusable Blocks.
    If you can, it would be good to comment on the tickets and/or issues that are relevant, because it seems that most of the testing is done with a clean installation, whereas the users are experiencing problems with blocks that they already had.

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    @joyously Thanks for the links! I have commented on the Github link.

    Unfortunately I have to give up using Resusable Blocks. It is great tool but doesn’t work reliable. Some blocks just disappear on the frontend.

    I have tried all different things but nothing helps to solve this issue.

    Now I would liike to know if there exists any alternative?

    I am deeply frustrated by reusable blocks. The idea is clearly excellent but my experience, in both 5.7.1 and 5.7.2 is that, at least for what I want to do, that they are fundamentally broken and I suspect that is because the design is fundamentally misconceived. I have a pages that are for chapters of a book and it seemed a brilliant option to create a “navigation block” at the bottom of each that would be table of three columns: previous | book overview | next with small font and different background colour from the rest of the page. I would insert that into the bottom of each page, convert it from reusable to ordinary, add the correct links to “previous” and “next” so that they would jump to the preceding chapter and next chapter. Seemed perfect use for reusable blocks and would save me an hour or two that it would take me to build the table for each page.

    What I get is a total mess: generally WP isn’t offering the option to convert to ordinary block, if you want to manage reusable blocks you lose changes in your page. I suspect some of the problems may be corner cases of using a table in a reusable block but surely we need blocks as a full heading on the dashboard menu so we can edit reusable blocks and manage them quite separately from the pages and the saving of pages and of their reusable blocks needs to be rewritten so that it correctly separates the two quite distinct saves. Surely at that point it would be wise to prompt “If you save this block it will update all other uses of it: maybe you want to convert it to an ordinary block?” and offer a Y/N option there. That would have saved me hours of mess.

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    Yes, reusable blocks have become really bad from their pre-5.7 way of working. Your idea was/is a perfectly valid way to use them. Unfortunately, they have been developed in a way that now makes them really hard to use.

    I suggest making your comment in the following places, so the developers see the issue – https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/52779 and https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/29178 .

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