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  • A very download manager with front page with category/download list!
    All others, in realty, are only simple file manager (or require payment for module like page etc).

    1) sdm_downloads/ cannot be changed;
    2) ayax frontpage show only link and is collapsed from default (a simple “show all like WP-Filebase” – the next and last i try – imho, can be best);
    3) upload manager not show pdf i’ve uploaded (i’ve upload a pdf and click “insert” without change “insert as link”; then, reopen upload and search from media gallery in plugin, but pdf isn’t present here – present, instead, from wp-media gallery. then, i need to go in wp-media, copy link and insert in download manager!);
    4) a simple widget with custom feature, usually, is more appreciated in similar plugin.

    anyway, thanks for your work 🙂


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  • Another problem…
    Page load (category/files) in ajax: Content isn’t present in source, then Google cannot see (and index) right.
    This is bad! A Simple php list, imho, can offer best performance and can be indexed by google.

    edit: i’ve solved more with some info in download page and custom content for reference to single category.
    then, category show all files.

    this, imho, is a best mode.

    remain a problem with sdm_categories in link.
    i can fix also this if i make custom page with content by category, but this cause double content (categories link with sdm_ + custom page with categories shortcode).
    a fix for this, for customize link and remove sdm_, can be very appreciated 🙂

    my demo:

    fixed also an issue in list (list entire description also in category view, this cause issue with long description and double content [identical content in category and single view]).
    fixed with this: sdm-post-type-content-handler.php : line 66

    if ( is_single() )
    	$content .= '<div class="sdm_post_description">' . $isset_item_description . '</div>';
    	$content .= '<div class="sdm_post_download_section"><div class="sdm_download_link">' . $download_button_code . '</div></div>';
    	$content .= '<div class="sdm_post_download_section"><em><a href="'.get_permalink($id).'" title="'.$item_title.'">clicca qui per descrizione e download!</a></em></div>';
    Plugin Contributor mbrsolution


    Thank you for your effort in resolving this issue and also for providing a solution to the problem.

    The plugin developers will investigate further your solution and findings.

    Kind regards

    thank’u too…
    atm i’ve change slug (in function inside file) and ill try to make a php function instead of ajax.

    w.i.p. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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