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  • Since when are you facing this problem? Which new plugin did you install recently?

    ever since the beginning of this month,
    the last 2 plugins i’ve installed are “Cudazi Scroll to Top” and “Infinite Scroll”

    it’s strange that I’m able to access the post by going to the following URL

    Is this normal? What are the digits after the official permalink?
    but the one that gets listed as an error doesnt work

    Is this normal? What are the digits after the official permalink?

    No, it is not normal. The numbers, I guess, are being added by some plugin. Can you deactivate all plugins and see if the link still works (not much hope though).

    thank you, but no success
    tried disabling all my plugins, I was still able to access the posts with the weird digit link

    Well, can you make a new sitemap and see if the weird links (with digits) appear in that? I made your sitemap at and the 500 links (limit in their free service) does not contain any such weird links. It is an indication that they are actually not there.

    this error will not effect your seo if these files are not created by you .

    it won’t?
    but every post has 2 links to get to it now
    doesnt it mean that google penalizes you for double content

    if google is telling you not found than you can it will penalize you

    but what i find weird is, how does google crawl following URL and URLs alike;

    links with these 13 digits behind the original URL are not included in my sitemap and there is no link present on the original posts that links to these weird links…

    I’m having the exact same problem. It must be kind of new because you’re the first person other than me that I’ve seen with it.

    Thanks to everyone for the help so far!

    i also have same url in my GWT but it is not so concerning for me as non of these urls are vaild i don’t know how google crawler got those

    Here is a link from Google that explains the issue.!msg/webmasters/zvez-eib0Ao/lf08lf_K8AkJ

    I quote the official Google reply:

    Thanks for the examples, everyone! It does look like we’re picking up something funny via JavaScript there. We’re looking into what can be done in this particular case. In the meantime, keep in mind that 404 errors of URLs that are invalid (like these appear to be) are not something that would affect your site’s indexing or ranking, so while I understand that they may be confusing (and I’m sorry for the number of URLs here), it’s not something that you’d need to take action on.

    Thanks krishna for searching on google forum. I was aware of this fact because matts have told this fact many times in his videos that 404 error stays fro some time in GWT and than google remove it over a period of time.
    The reason of showing 404 error is that google want to inform you that some of your website pages are not working so please make them available for others. it may be the reason some one made changes on server which causes this error for fews pages google don’t want to remove those pages instantly from google search results so it keep those pages(404) for certain time.
    This is not known.

    Thank you Krishna!
    Good to know that it won’t affect my site’s indexing and/or ranking

    Google crawl errors 13 digits behind the existing url in wordpress how to solve that problem i have install these plugin :-404 Simple Redirect,All in One SEO Pack,Disqus Comment System,FD Feedburner Plugin,Fold Category List,Register Plus,SexyBookmarks (by Shareaholic),ShareThis,SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam,User Photo,WP-Paginate so please let me know it can be fix or not ….

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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