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    After upgrading to 4.4.2 I cannot edit posts in one of my blogs (I have several).

    In other threads on this topic, the advice given was to deactivate plugins and use theme TwentySixteen. I have taken both these steps and the issue is not resolved.

    This applies to both new and existing posts.

    For new posts, I can create the title and save it as a draft, but I cannot edit it.

    For existing posts, although the text of the post displays fine in the blog “front end”, from the admin “back end” the text is not visible in the post editor. It is completely blank, as if the post had no content.

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  • I have now established to my satisfaction that there is a problem with the post editor in 4.4.2

    1. Backed up DB and uninstalled WP 4.4.2
    2. Reinstalled WP 4.4.2 using Softaculous using default theme.
    3. Attempted to edit standard “Hello world” post
    4. Found editor unresponsive and could not see the text of the “Hello world” post.
    5. Text displays normally in public part of blog – it is the text editor in the control panel that does not work.

    I am having the same issue. Did you find a solution?

    No. HostPapa says they can help but so far they have not found a solution either.

    I’m pretty sure it’s a 4.4.2 bug (I have noticed several posts on the forums since 4.4.2 with similar issues) but so far no-one who represents WordPress has acknowledged it as a bug.

    I just realized that I can edit or create content in text mode just not visual. Is that the case for you? I also up graded to php5.5 but that did not help.

    No I was not able to edit in either text or visual mode. I solved the problem by exporting the DB, uninstalling the blog, rebuilding the blog under a different subdomain name with a new password (I kept the same plugins and theme as before – I never thought the plugins or themes were the problem although most of the suggestions from forum moderators suggested that they were), and uploading only selected tables from the backed up database.

    Glad you found a solution. I figured out that my issue was due to a few repeated lines in my htaccess file.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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