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  • Just upgraded to 2.3.1 from 2.3 and upgraded sideblog 4.3rc2 (I think that was the number) to 4.4. Now the %content% is inexplicably wrapped in a paragraph tag. Before my entries were the li character followed by the content followed by the date and permalink. Now it’s li character, line break, content, line break, date and permalink.

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  • I am having the same problem – any resolve for this? I have little php knowledge.



    Same problem. Looks like it’s unfixable thus far. 🙁

    EDIT: I just added display: inline; to my asides div.

    .asides p {
    display: inline;}

    It doesn’t get rid of the added <p> tags, but it does format it to look like it doesn’t have <p> tags.

    I don’t know if this helps anyone, but I simply removed the wpautop function from the plugin and this gave me the formating that I needed.

    I simply want a bunch of dense, short single line asides and this removes the <p> added by the wpautop function and I added a <br> after the sidebar formating via the plugin option page.

    Change line 142 from

    $replacements[] = wpautop($sideblog_content->post_content);


    $replacements[] = $sideblog_content->post_content;

    This may well break other things, but works for me.

    Shawnday: Thanks so much! I hated that “autop” thing but I never would have figured out how to fix it w/out your tip.

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