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  • Hi Meg

    Thanks for a great plugin – simple & light, and works straight out of the box.

    However it is rather unusual to need to edit shortcodes after a plugin update – I only have 2 sites (3 pages) that I need to do this for, but some people may not be so fortunate ! 🙂

    So I spent a few minutes in Firebug, and then headed over here to see if there were any known issues.

    I needed to implement your DIV/600px instructions (which worked fine), and then of course I noticed the styling was slightly off too. Switching to use my default theme styling produces less than satisfactory results (hardly your fault), so I’ll need to spend 30mins or so when I get time to tweak the css.

    Like I say – it was a surprise to get an update that was less than seamless, but still no big deal for me – but I’m glad I spotted there was a ‘problem’ with this update, and also glad that I only have the 2 sites.

    Just a few thoughts – don’t want to sound ungrateful. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    Plugin Author megnicholas


    Hi there,

    Sorry you had to make some changes. I tried to make this upgrade as seamless as possible but due to the differences with bootstrap 3, plus needing to make it backwardly compatible, it was not entirely achievable.

    I could have placed the DIV/600px code within the plugin itself but by doing that I would be enforcing that styling on all my users so I had to make a judgement on what would be best.

    As this plugin relies on other things that constantly change (WordPress is always being updated as you know), I have to keep it updated in respect of those changes, I hope it’s for the best!


    Hi Meg

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes – I can see where you’re coming from, but I wonder how important the whole Bootstrap-3 thing is to your users ? Personally I’m not even sure what it is, and I certainly don’t use a theme that has been built on it, so it has zero importance for me at least.

    Maybe if the plugin had been called “Contact Form Clean and Simple for Bootstrap” (in a similar way to Genesis-specific plugins) then I would better understand your support for it (but then I would probably not have even installed it in the first place !) Or maybe the plugin could have been forked into a Bootstrap-specific one ?

    Anyway, I didn’t really want to make a mountain out of a molehill – in fact, I might be the only one that has been in any way affected ! So best wishes with future developments, and a lesson learnt for me – be sure to check plugin functionality after upgrade, even if its a .1x !

    He Meg!

    Very nice update, fantastic!

    How about adding the icons from bootstrap (glyps) to the input fields?
    I did it at; it could easily be done by adding a settings field to toggle the icons on/of.

    Plugin Author megnicholas



    The glyphicons are almost there. Most of the code had been added for it. However I need to let users choose whether to use them and didn’t have time to put that bit in! But it will certainly be added very soon as an option.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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