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    Yes, I intend on keeping it up to date, though I don’t anticipate the specs changing very much.

    Have you found an issue?

    Hello Dallas read and thanks for your answer,

    No the plugin works just fine ! I am using it on a brand new install and I jut wanted to make sure it would not be discontinued, as it adds very important features that website needs.

    I don’t know if you are open to suggestions for improvement,anyway what would make it just awesome for me would be the following :

    having a button in the simply restrict box (or elsewhere in the admin) that would enable me to easily create new roles that would be plain clones of existing wp-roles, but with a new name.

    I found a snippet to do this, and it is pretty simple really, no heavy coding, but it is a hassle to have to change the wp-functions.php in child-theme each time I am adding a new user.

    Of course I could use a role plugin, but they are really too complicated for my needs. I don’t want to change capabilities, just clone an existing role and see it appear in simple restrict role lists (and being able to delete it easily), and that’s it.

    Anyhow, your plugin is jusut great as it is, thanks..

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    Thanks, Oazar.

    I don’t mind adding that feature in, but what is the point of having two of the same role with a different name?

    It is useful precisely cause although they have same role, I can use your plugin to hide posts from whoever I want.
    I can’t do this if all of them are authors.

    Or am I wrong ? it would not work ? I am not a developper, so I don’t know how your plugin works)

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    Simple restrict should work with all the default WP roles. Are all the roles not showing up in the box (subscriber, editor, etc)?

    Hello Dallas,

    Yes, all the roles are showing, The plugin works perfectly. But wht I am trying to do is :

    I have 12 Authors, each of them can manage his own posts, read and edit (basic Author capabilities).

    I would like the posts to be visible (read) only to its Author, not to the 11 others.

    Using a role editor plugin I noticed that the new roles I was creating did appear in simplerestrict box (and stay there even after I disabled the plugin).
    So I thought I would create a different role for each of my 12 authors, based on Author role. In the Simplerestrictbox, then I would have the usual roles + 12 new roles which correspond to my 12 Authors.

    This way, thanks to your plugin, a post can be read by its Author (and by all editors and the admin), but NOT by the 11 other Authors,( nor by contributors, users, or not-logged-in people as I did not check them)

    Hope I am making myself clear !

    Hence my suggestion that you make it possible in Simplerestrict box to easily create and name new roles based on the author capacities..

    Thanks for your attention Dallasread.

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    Ah… I understand.

    I’ll try to implement in the coming week or two.

    Awesome !

    Thanks so much ! You are an angel..

    With this new function it is then very easy to create private spaces for any users.
    I am using the Adminimize plugin to hide whatever features need to be hidden in the dashboard, and the WP Users Media plugin to hide all media but the author’s own in the library. These 3 plugins are really easy to use and compatible.
    A simple and efficient way to create private spaces with wordpress, this may help others with the same goal without using more complicated plugins.

    Have a great day.


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    Can you give this version a shot? Just replace the old simplerestrict.php with the one here:

    Plugin Author remetric


    I should mention what I’ve added:

    – a checkbox in the sidebar meta box for Page/Post Author (if its the only one checked, only that post’s author can see it).
    – a checkbox & field in the sidebar meta box for a comma-separated list of user ids.
    – in shortcodes, you can use user ids and “post_author” is added. Eg. [restrict only="editor,post_author,31" except="public,2,454"]Restricted content![/restrict]

    Hello Dallasread

    Thanks so much for the good and fast work. And the solution you are giving is a smart one, better than a list of all users in the Simplerestrictbox. Very handy !

    I made some tests and everything works perfectly.

    I’ll make a French Translation for it very soon, tell me where I can send you the file so you can share.

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